July 15, 2011

Willful SEO Aversion and Truly Reprehensible Journalism

<!––> It’s an occasion when Paul Ford publishes one of his abstract, funny, pleasingly resistant to the understanding, often absurdist yet somehow clear-eyed essays on the sketchy corner where technology and media intersect. He’s one of the rare media writers for whom it’s worth putting everything down and finding his stuff, which will most likely...
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Google+ and SEO

Each generation and branch of SEO tacticians, similar to any other established order in any industry, has built a set of assumptions — and even worse, for their ability to remain strategically nimble — developed sunk costs in infrastructure, most appropriate to a fixed (past) era… in this case, a past era in search engine...
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Q2 proves to be big for Google products, especially Android

The second quarter of 2011 was big and busy for Google, with stellar earnings and a record number of new products rolled out. But Android proved to be the most solid. Speaking during the company’s quarterly webcast for investors on Thursday, CEO Larry Page was excited about many things, especially Google+. But he certainly did...
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5 SEO Tools Industry Leaders Get Together in a Speed and Resistance Smackdown

SEO PowerSuite, WebCEO, IBP, Market Samurai and Advanced Web Ranking SEO tools are evaluated and compared in terms of work speed, productivity and results accuracy Online PR News – 14-July-2011 –Link-Assistant.Com, Europe-based SEO tools development company, has conducted a unique series of in-depth tests of 5 most renowned SEO tools, embracing major SEO tasks: rank...
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Earnings report is good news for Google, CEO

Larry Page got a second chance to make an impression on Wall Street. This one was definitely better than the first. Also Interest in stock investing has fallen, Google shows Google’s Eric Schmidt agrees to testify at Senate antitrust hearing As Google grows, employees carve own niches FTC launches investigation of Google Google Inc. posted...
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