September 9, 2011

6 Tips for Blogging for SEO in WordPress

Sue Reynolds 6 Tips for Blogging for SEO in WordPress Facebook Revamps Privacy Settings (and by the way Places is going away) What You Need to Know about Converting a Facebook Profile to a Fan Page If your blog posts aren’t getting the traffic you expect you may be missing simple steps that will help...
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Getting the correct metrics when testing search engine algorithms

Keeping up to date with what search engine algorithms are looking for from your content is vital in ensuring that your SEO strategy is working to its full potential. According to an article published by Search Engine Watch, there are a number of metrics out there that can be used to test algorithms to keep...
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Google Details, and Defends, Its Use of Electricity

Every time a person runs a Google search, watches a YouTube video or sends a message through Gmail, the company’s data centers full of computers use electricity. Those data centers around the world continuously draw almost 260 million watts — about a quarter of the output of a nuclear power plant. Up to now, the...
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