January 13, 2012

Small Businesses and SEO – A Luxury or a Necessity?

This is an extremely valid question and one that doesn’t really have a definitive answer as such. But, having said this, it is also fair to say that any small business that has a website which they hope will generate them some revenue stream, it will almost certainly be a worthwhile endeavour to seek the...
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Google, Google+ and search: Maybe it’s all an SEO play

The flap over Google’s playing up Google+ in its search results continues. Now Harvard professor and security expert Ben Edelman has weighed in on the debate. His argument: By embedding Google+ into search, Google is essentially prodding people to join its social network out of SEO fear. Edelman has been noting Google’s potential favoring of...
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Exclusive: Google Launches Style Guide for Android Developers

Matias Duarte, the head of user experience at Android, aims to change the way developers design for the platform. Photo: Jon Snyder/ LAS VEGAS — Matias Duarte is a man who loves a challenge. It’s part of why he took his current job at Google, leading the Android operating system team as head of user...
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