May 18, 2017

Small PPC Budget? 3 Important Questions You Must Ask

Katya Bovykina Having a small PPC budget isn’t the end of the world. Your success will largely depend on the niche you’re operating in and its level of competition. By asking yourself three simple questions – and measuring and evaluating your success – you can make your small PPC budget go a long way. For this article, we’re going...
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Now you can schedule offline conversion imports in AdWords

AdWords advertisers can now schedule imports of offline conversions into AdWords on a regular basis. Google introduced offline conversion importing in AdWords in 2013. Advertisers set up offline conversion events — qualified leads, closed sales and so on — from ad clicks or calls to optimize campaigns based on impact through the entire sales funnel....
Read More begins testing first TV ads in 6 markets – VentureBeat unveiled its first TV ads today and said they were currently being shown in limited runs in six text markets, though it did not unveil which markets. The five ads in this series are built around the theme “Free to be” and each profiles a local or small business user in Detroit. On his personal blog,...
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Bad SEO Information: Too Easy to Find, Impossible to Escape

Tony Wright We play in our closed Facebook groups, our message boards, our emails to each other. We laugh at the SEO advice being given by “some idiot” who doesn’t know what he is talking about. From articles that declare SEO is dead to large sites that still use meta keywords, we sit back in...
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