June 24, 2017

Local businesses can now post on Google with Posts on Google

Until now, Posts on Google only allowed a small number of celebrities, sports teams, sports leagues, movie studios and museums to post social network-style updates about their activities right to Google’s search result pages. Using this, these organizations and individuals could post images, videos, GIFs and text and use that to drive traffic to their...
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How to Use Historical Quality Score Data for Better Ads

Lisa Raehsler Are your PPC advertising campaigns performing as well as they could be? Truthfully, in the world of paid search, there’s always room to improve. That’s why Google AdWords recently released improvements to quality score reporting. This data can help you create even more relevant PPC ads. What are the key improvements for advertisers? You can: View results...
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7 Essentials to Make Perfect SEO Reports for Your Clients

Adam Heitzman Creating SEO reports for clients can be a daunting task. Every client or business has different goals. In many cases, your reports must be both elementary and robust – depending on who is receiving the report. But SEO reports are vital. You need to let your clients, upper management, and other stakeholders know how your...
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