July 20, 2017

Google’s brave new friendless feed

It’s like Facebook without all those annoying “friends.” Instead of having to look at what weird things other people are interested in, like their babies, Google shows me the weird things I’m interested in, like Legend of Zelda and Elon Musk. This is a fundamental shift in content consumption from curation based on our explicit...
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Google AdWords Report Editor Now Lets You Compare Two Date Ranges

Google quietly announced both on Twitter and on Google+ that you can now compare two different date ranges within the AdWords Report Editor. AdWords Report Editor launched in 2015 and wow’ed advertisers. But up until now, you couldn’t run a report for a specific date range and then compare it to how well you that...
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Web Presence Management: SEO Revisited – Body Shop Business

Can people find your business online? What if they don’t know your shop by name? If they’re looking for a body shop online, will they be able to find you? They will if you have a number of things in place, such as having your website optimized well enough that search engines can clearly determine...
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Google Analytics adds voice-based navigation | TechCrunch

If you’ve got a question about your website or app data, you’ll soon be able to ask Google Analytics directly. In other words, if you’re wondering “What’s the trend of mobile versus desktop traffic last week?” or “How many new users did we have yesterday?” or “What were our top countries last month?” you won’t...
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