January 24, 2018

8 SEO Pitfalls to Evade in 2018

  Abhinandan Ghosh Features Writer, MarTech Advisor Full Bio    Tech enthusiast Abhinandan has cumulated his experience in the writing field working across industry verticals that include HR, events management, and now martech. An Engineering graduate with specialization in Electronics and Instrumentation, this MBA chose to pursue his growing-up dreams of being a creative writer,...
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How to use Smart Goals in Google Analytics

Smart Goals are implicit conversions detected automatically. Google Analytics examine dozens of signals about the website sessions to determine which of those are most likely to result in conversions. Smart Goals are the approximately the top 5% of your website traffic. The requirements to have Smart Goals are more than 250 clicks over the past...
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How to Optimize a PPC Campaign for Real Estate

Jon Clark Maybe you’ve noticed, but it’s hard to land a spot on Google’s first page and above the fold with SEO alone. While Google will occasionally play with their layout and the number of organic results, if your business isn’t one of them it will seriously affect the number and quality of leads you get....
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RippleSmith Services

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