October 10, 2018

Catalog Raises $1.5M To Help SMBs Create Content

In the era of Instagram, premium content creation has never been more important for companies. But the costs of hiring photographers, designers, and other creators to make that content may leave smaller businesses with less money to spend at a disadvantage. Follow Crunchbase News on Twitter Catalog, an L.A.-based startup founded by Patrick Ip and...
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Welcome to Voldemorting, the Ultimate SEO Dis

“I’m so tired of all the bad news on birdsite.” “Yeah, there’s just too much about The Cheeto.” Cheeto and birdsite might not be common vocabulary, but the phrases are strangely interpretable. It’s easy to jump from Cheeto to Donald Trump or from birdsite to Twitter. Even more understandable is the attitude that comes along...
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Google Analytics for Salesforce helps users scour web data

When Salesforce first partnered with Google, the alliance was met with excitement, but also skepticism. Salesforce has touted partnerships before, but there have been times when little has come from them. ┬áThe big tech vendors are trying to ensure that doesn’t happen this time, with several new integrations and Salesforce selling Google Marketing Platform products...
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RippleSmith Services

Based in Vancouver, BC and serving North America, RippleSmith Services is Google AdWords certified and is recognized as a trusted business partner of Google. Get in touch to learn more how we can help your business.