November 19, 2018

Marketing for the modern age: Conversion Rate Optimisation – the new ‘SEO’

For four weeks, Hotel Designs is working with author and CEO of DHM, Adam Hamadache, in order to explore the minefield of marketing. In his second article in the series of four, Hamadache explores a new acronym that should be on every hotel group’s radar, CRO…  For years, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has dominated the rhetoric, and discussion...
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How to Analyze Audience Performance with Google Analytics

Audiences play an integral role in most paid media strategies. The ability to create targeted audiences based on key indicators makes for a great way to hone in on warm audiences. Audiences also act as a connector across campaigns and even channels, allowing advertisers to coordinate messaging and content throughout the funnel. The struggle with...
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Targeted Automobile Advertising: The Next PPC Frontier

But targeted ads in cars? While it might seem unconventional now, the concept is no longer out of the realm of possibility. In fact, it’s something that more companies are considering. Like many other industries, auto manufacturers like General Motors and others are intent on finding ways to monetize and generate more value from customer...
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