December 2, 2018

How Google Keeps Its Power-Hungry Operations Carbon-Neutral

Kate Brandt has a radical idea for how we’ll have to live in the future, if we’re going to be in balance with nature. She envisions a world without landfills, where ownership is obsolete, and everything down to the socks on our feet is rented and shared. Brandt is Google’s sustainability officer. And she’s obsessed...
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How Matchmade plans to become to the ‘Google Adwords of influencer marketing’

This week, influencer marketing platform Matchmade announced it had raised €4.25 million in a round of funding, alongside plans to open a new office in the U.S.  With America in its sights, Matchmade is seeking to expand its presence globally, and its first stop is San Fransisco. The company also announced the hire of Jordan ‘Soma’ Tayer,...
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