December 5, 2018

Don’t skip these critical recurring SEO tasks

No matter how perfectly you’ve optimized a website, it will always require constant maintenance. This is because figuratively speaking, much like a vehicle, there are a lot of moving parts and many of those parts have an impact on others. In other words — SEO will never be done. It’s a constantly moving target. There...
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Google Analytics Most Powerful Extension Launches Must-Have Version 2.0

Google Analytics’ most powerful extension, Webleads, has introduced version 2.0 arming B2B companies must-have tools and insights. Fastbase’s Webleads 2.0 tracking tool for Google Analytics allows users to explore which companies and organizations are showing interest in their business, and more specifically details what webpages are being viewed, the companies that are viewing them, and...
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Ten retailers who got PPC right on Black Friday (and six who didn’t)

Despite many commentators discussing its demise, Black Friday continues to be one of the most important days in the retail calendar. But with retailers under pressure to drive sales, getting your paid search strategy right on one of the biggest discounting days of the year is absolutely crucial. There has been a lot of talk...
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