January 2, 2019

The Future of Google and SEO is AI

The future of Google and of SEO is AI says world-renowned SEO expert Stephan Spencer. “If you’re relying just on backlinks, then you aren’t recognizing that the future of Google and of SEO is AI, it’s artificial intelligence,” noted Spencer in another informative interview by James Schramko of SuperFastBusiness. Stephan Spencer, SEO expert, speaker, and...
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PPC 2018 in Review: These changes will have the biggest impact on advertisers in 2019

Major changes in SEM made waves throughout 2018 and are redefining nearly every aspect of paid search marketing. There were a number of momentous shifts, nearly all with a common thread of more automation and machine learning. We identified nine big areas of change in 2018 that will shape the way paid search marketers work...
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