March 28, 2019

Google Is Conducting a Secret “Performance Review” of Its Censored China Search Project

The existence of the Dragonfly review committees has not been disclosed to rank-and-file Google employees, except for the few who have been evaluated by the committees because they worked on China search. Fewer than a dozen top managers at the company are said to be looped in on the review, which has involved studying documents...
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The Vast, Untapped Potential of Facebook for Advertising

  Since the first telegram sent in 1893, to Mark Zuckerberg launching Facebook from his college dorm in 2004, technology has taken what can only be termed as several gigantic leaps for mankind. And every technological advancement has created brand new opportunities for people and organizations with the foresight, to capitalize and reap massive benefits...
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5 additional data blending examples for smarter SEO insights

As I covered in my previous article, data blending can uncover really powerful insights that you would not be able to see otherwise. When you start shifting your SEO work to be more data-driven, you will naturally look at all the data sources in your hands and might find it challenging to come up with...
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Measuring Traffic from Google Shopping’s New Organic Listings

In my previous article, “Real-time SEO: Create a Google Product Feed from an XML Sitemap,” I explained how Google Shopping is expanding to include free organic search listings. The next step is to explore an easy way to measure the performance of organic traffic coming from Shopping feeds. Is it new traffic? Or does it...
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