June 24, 2019

Check your settings if you don’t want Google tracking every move

CLOSE If you want to use certain Google features, you’ll get a notification urging you to turn the feature on. USA TODAY MORRO BAY, Calif. – I stepped out of the car and took a visit to a local hotel here right off the main road. It was so easy to find, I didn’t have to...
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View: A MOOC Platform Catalog is No-Marketing. Leveraging Institutional Networks Is Key

Mikel Amigot | IBL News An effective marketing plan will drive enrollment, engage with learners and increase word of mouth awareness. We start defining our target audience: who are the type of students who would be interested, what is the course about, and why should learners enroll in the course –what new skills and knowledge...
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Six SEO Tips To Boost Search Traffic For Law Firms

Tackling the world of search engine optimization and organic traffic may seem overwhelming. Here are some techniques that law firms can use to effectively boost their organic search rankings. 1. Identify And Target Specific Keywords Using a tool like Google Analytics, review your site’s organic traffic sources and the keywords that are driving the most...
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7 Gaps in Google Analytics That Require Additional Tools

Google Analytics is a powerful, free web analytics platform. However, it has gaps that are better served by other tools. I’ll address those gaps and tools in this post. Gaps in Google Analytics Heatmaps. Google Analytics used to have basic heat mapping capabilities. It does report the most popular links on a page. But other...
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