July 2, 2019

Endless AI-generated spam risks clogging up Google’s search results

Over the past year, AI systems have made huge strides in their ability to generate convincing text, churning out everything from song lyrics to short stories. Experts have warned that these tools could be used to spread political disinformation, but there’s another target that’s equally plausible and potentially more lucrative: gaming Google. Instead of being...
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The best competitor tracking and keyword research tools

Rank Tracker is an SEO program for selecting keywords, tracking website positions, analyzing search results and determining the complexity of website promotion using certain keywords. It also simplifies the diagnostics of the presence of a filter (sanctions) on the website and will help in case of promoting a local business website. And if you need...
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Clicks ‘n Tricks: SEO’s not dead yet

by Charlie Stewart (@CStewart_ZA) Recent research from Jumpshot and Rand Fishkin, one of the SEO industry’s pinup boys, found that nearly half of all Google searches fail to lead to a click. The study, which was based on an analysis of around 150bn Google queries from US-based browsers in Q1 2019, reported that 48.9% of...
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Custom Solution Publishers Should Be Tracking in Google Analytics

For digital publishers, generating steady revenue from a set of consistent sources has been a long-standing pain point. So, many content-driven websites have bitten the dust owing to the absence of a steady revenue stream against the heavy operational costs. A few most common revenue-generating sources for digital publishers are Advertisements. Now, in today’s world...
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RippleSmith Services

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