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27 incredibly useful Google Sheets tips

About the author JR Raphael is obsessed with productivity and finding clever ways to make the most of modern technology. Join him on Twitter or sign up for his weekly newsletter to get fresh tips in your inbox every Friday. More Article source:
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My top 10 favorite things about the new Google Ads Editor

Advertisers love AdWords Editor. At countless conferences I’ve attended over the years, where I’ve heard all sorts of critiques of all sorts of products, Editor always stands out as a fan favorite. It’s the Gritty of the Google Ads world – something approaching universal approval. The main bit of feedback I hear is a plea...
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SEO Content Strategy Tips to Boost Your Ranking in 2019

No matter your industry, company size, the products or services you offer, or the audience you serve, there’s one thing I can assume with near absolute certainty: You want to appear on the first page of Google’s organic search results. And you’re likely dedicating at least some portion of your budget to an SEO content...
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Get Proficient With Google Analytics and Improve Your Earning Potential

If you want customers to find your brand on the web, you’re going to have to put in a little work. Learning the ins and outs of Google Analytics will help you organize all of the data your company collects and put it to work on actionable marketing plans. This Google Analytics Certification course will...
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PPC and Volterra join RES forces | Business

Public Power Corporation and alternative supplier Volterra have agreed to jointly develop and utilize wind farms with a total capacity of 69.7 megawatts. PPC announced that its subsidiary, PPC Renewables, is buying out 45 percent of Volterra’s two special purpose vehicles that own a total of four wind parks in central Greece: two already operating...
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Here’s How Google Knows in Less Than 5 Minutes if Someone Is a Great Leader

The evaluation spends almost no time assessing a manager’s knowledge, skill, and experience. All but one question focuses on soft skills: communication, feedback, coaching, teamwork, respect, and consideration. Article source:
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Track Quality Score daily with this advanced Adwords script

Quality Score is one of the most important metrics in Google Ads as it has a direct impact on how much you pay per click. Data from Wordstream would suggest that simply increasing your Quality Score from 5 to 7 would result in a decrease in CPC of 28.6%. Despite its importance, it’s been historically...
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Look Out for These 5 Signs of Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO refers to unethical practices to help a website rank higher in Google. Often times, a website doesn’t even know it’s suffering from black hat search engine optimization — and being penalized for it. Though black hat can temporarily help a website rank higher in Google, search engines will ultimately demote it for...
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Google’s New Service Aims To Accelerate Analytics Projects Inside BigQuery

A new service makes it easier to transfer data from third-party sources into Google’s BigQuery cloud data warehouse. The service promises to accelerate analytics projects by reducing the setup and maintenance overhead traditionally incurred when centralizing disparate data sources. Logan Welley, strategic alliances at Fivetran, Google’s launch partner for the service, discussed the details in...
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7 Retail & Ecommerce PPC Copy Tactics to Give You the Extra Edge

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