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Google Analytics default settings is secretly skewing 20% your conversion data

Have you ever heard of the Campaign timeout setting within Google Analytics? Almost no one has and it is skewing most of your data. There is a hidden setting within Google Analytics that marketers don’t know about and it’s artificially improving the performance of non-direct channels by approximately 50-100%. This affects any of your Data-driven...
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6 tactics for PPC marketers to save time, reduce stress and improve performance

As PPC marketers, everything we do revolves around structure and organization. Sure, there’s a huge amount of unstructured work as the result of performance trends and our analyses but, at the heart of our accounts, structure undeniably plays a huge role. However, over time, that structure – both in terms of account structure and the...
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How Can Google Voice Assistant App Make Your Business Efficient?

2017 was the year of Alexa with the Amazon assistant passing 10 million unit sales in the year as a whole. 2018 saw Google Home rising and rising with it was Google Voice Assistant App – the technology powering million of Google Home devices around the globe. And soon, in just a matter of 2...
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Google Bans Ethereum Ads

Decenter, a smart contract auditing firm, claims that Ethereum-related ads are now banned on Google This comes months after Google lifted its ban on all blockchain and Cryptocurrency ads on its AdWords platform Decenter, a smart contract auditing firm, has come forward with a claim that Ethereum has been banned by Google On AdWords, its...
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The SEO Problem With Websites Having Multiple Businesses At One Address

GettyGetty Most small business owners understand the importance of having a Google My Business listing in order to appear in Google Maps. Getting these listings is very straightforward: You enter your business information and verify it with a postcard. Easy enough, right? Unfortunately, this ease of verification lulls business owners into a trap of optimism:...
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Google AdWords Express is Now Part of Google Ads

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Venezuela blocks Wikipedia amid presidential dispute

The NetBlocks internet observatory yesterday announced it has collected evidence of the blocking of all editions of Wikipedia in Venezuela. The restrictions are implemented by the largest telecommunications’ provider CANTV. Blocked users confirmed on Twitter. NetBlocks says the study comprises 60,000 metrics and has also identified a major network disruption affecting telecommunications’ infrastructure. Venezuelans have...
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In 2019, Google Pixel 3 XL Is Best Bang For The Buck Vs iPhone XS Max: Review

Pixel 3 XL: It has a display that rivals the best OLED smartphone screens — one of the biggest improvements over the Pixel 2 XL.Credit: Google Google’s Pixel 3 XL gives the iPhone XS Max a serious run for the money at the start of 2019. Review Backgrounder: two months with both the 6.3-inch Google Pixel...
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Adsense and AdWords – why use them?

Overview There are a lot of different ways that savvy people monetise the web, of which AdSense is only one. For perfect clarity, where we are talking ‘Adsense’ we’re really talking about Adsense for content, contextual ads on the Google Adsense network that that can be utilised on blogs, websites or any other web-based properties ...
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Why Dutch entrepreneurs need to know how to do SEO

Thousands of people in the Netherlands, including readers, are online entrepreneurs. But what do all of these people have in common? They develop and promote their business through a website. However, not everyone’s website gets visitors from search engines. We’re going to let you in on a secret, but to do that, we need...
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