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SEO: Avoid Link Building Shortcuts

There are no safe link building shortcuts. Instead I want to warn marketers about deceptive search marketers and the dangers of using “easy” link building tactics. In the latest instance, the search engine optimization community is abuzz with news that Home Depot’s SEO team has attempted to increase its link portfolio by potentially shady means....
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What to consider before signing up for Google Drive

Computerworld – Just as with an Apple product launch, Google has had to do next to nothing to create buzz around its long-awaited Google Drive cloud storage service. The latest: Google Drive will launch next week. Of course, prognosticators have predicted much the same thing numerous times in the past, predictions that turned out to...
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Google: Vampire Oracle targeting Android after own phone failure

Google pulled no punches in its defense of Android against Oracle’s Java accusations, painting Sun and Oracle’s attempts at a smartphone alternative as one huge failure after the other. While Oracle argues that Google knowingly used Java technology without licensing it for Android, Google claims its foe is trying desperately to cash in on the open-source...
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Talk About SEO Like a Regular Marketer

Years ago, when I first started with SEO, there was a lot of uncertainty about how to classify the function SEO served. Was it marketing? What is it technology? Was it something else entirely? Contributing to this uncertainty was the mystery that originally shrouded SEO. Over the years as SEO became mainstream and the SEO...
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How SEO software is changing the way we read and write

Flustered pundits claim that blogging has changed writing forever, but they’re wrong. You know what has really changed writing? Google search. Thousands of internet puppies are writing “content” that is perfectly optimized to rise to the top of search rankings. Search engine optimization (SEO) has become its own art, a genre designed to make writing...
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Google target of new federal privacy probe

Hard on the heels of being fined $25,000 for allegedly blocking a federal privacy investigation, Google (GOOG) is enmeshed in a second federal probe into its privacy practices that could soon bring a more painful hit to the search giant’s pocketbook, this newspaper has learned. The Federal Trade Commission is deep into an investigation of...
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Unanswered Questions in FCC’s Google Case

The Federal Communications Commission censured Google for obstructing an inquiry into the Street View project, which had collected Internet communications from potentially millions of unknowing households as specially equipped cars drove slowly by. But the investigation, described in an interim report, was left unresolved because a critical participant, the Google engineer in charge of the...
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Add slide shows to WordPress sites with SlideDeck

April 14, 2012, 7:20 AM — According to usability guru Jakob Nielsen, when someone visits your website, you have 10 seconds to capture their attention before they decide to move on. Having a fresh slide show lets you combine images, animations, and bold typography to catch a visitor’s eye and get them to click deeper...
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Google Stock Plan Irks Governance Watchdogs

Google Inc. (GOOG) (GOOG)’s shares fell the most in almost three months after its latest bid to preserve control for founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin raised concern among corporate-governance watchdogs. The stock (GOOG) declined 4.1 percent to $624.60, the biggest decrease since Jan. 20, weighed down in part by results showing slower sales growth...
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11 Considerations For International SEO

When you think about International SEO, it is easy to imagine Global 2000 companies with offices and employees around the globe. It can be equally important to the small business that sells globally from one location. How do you convince the search engines to include you in their international rankings on a country by country...
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