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"The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus." -- Bruce Lee
Our Story

A Little About Us

At RippleSmith, we have taken companies of all shapes, sizes, and industries to the next level. Our work speaks for itself in diagnosing a problem and finding solutions that best suit your business. We take into account your overall visibility, target demographics, landing pages, and your overall marketing efforts when providing an assessment. We start by taking a deep dive into your target audience, to truly understand their media habits. We perform diligent research to open up new, profitable opportunities that will move the needle for your business. Contact us to receive your comprehensive digital media assessment.


Our Process

Our digital marketing process is performance-driven, which means we spend the time needed to understand your goals and objectives completely. We translate these goals and objectives into a customized strategy tailored to each of your needs and businesses and work tirelessly to deliver consistent, exceptional results to maximize your ROI. The combination of being a full service digital marketing firm that can design, write and refine ads and being successful account managers that can maximize conversion elements for you all in-house means we can ensure strong results.


We Provide Solutions

At RippleSmith, we are focused on the paid media that drives the highest return for you. We offer a wide-range of online advertising options, all with a heavy ROI focus. From Google AdWords to Bing to Amazon to Facebook to LinkedIn to Display to Remarketing to Programmatic to Hulu to YouTube (and more), we are trusted by our clients to manage their online ad spend each year. Lead by certified professionals, our pay per click advertising company has consistently exceeded established benchmarks. Let us help you achieve your online goals today.

Search Engine Marketing

Our certified PPC experts can help your business attract more customers via Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Our experience and results driven goals are what set RippleSmith apart from other pay per click ppc management firms. Please call to speak with our PPC experts today to get your business started.

Social Media Marketing Services

Getting in front of web surfers using social media marketing is now a pay-to-play environment, unless a brand is fortunate enough to have a strong fan base that already engages with its social media content. Our sponsored social media advertising, leveraging the most appropriate social networks for the particular industry, allows marketers to target specific audiences through a number of ways.

Display Marketing

Targeted display advertising is a very effective tactic for building brand awareness, nurturing visitors who have come to the website, and unlocking additional traffic from a paid strategy. RippleSmith works in three phases to strategize, plan, and procure media space on your behalf.

Video Marketing

Cross-channel video advertising has transformed how brands reach users at key points of the customer journey and influence conversions with highly engaging media. Digital video advertising empowers brands to build stronger connections along the path to purchase with niche-focused content delivered across an increasing variety of digital channels and connected devices.


Remarketing (sometimes called retargeting) is a way to reach people who’ve already expressed an interest in your brand. Thanks to the magic of remarketing, you can display ads to people who’ve already visited your site. That’s because modern advertising networks use the wonders of modern “cookie” technology to store information about which sites people have visited.

Amazon Advertising

Reach Amazon shoppers across desktop, mobile, and tablets. Every day millions of people use Amazon to research, discover, and buy products as well as watch videos, listen to music, and more. Advertising across Amazon helps drive sales, and it’s also proven effective at driving brand awareness.

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