90 % of North America is Online

Google accounts for over 85.55% of all global desktop search traffic, followed by Bing at 7% and Yahoo at 2.85%. How many visits did your website get last month? What is your website visibility on Google? Not sure? 
RippleSmith tracks website performance and improves it to get companies like yours visible to local, national or global target markets.

How Well-Optimized Is Your Website?

No matter what your goals are, having a solid foundation is critical. Let RippleSmith’s SEO experts analyze your website.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition.

Knowing what you’re up against allows for a successful SEO and SEM strategy. 

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Meet the RippleSmith Team

The RippleSmith marketing firm is a collection of digital marketing professionals who put a focus on ROI and tangible results. Our depth of experience in search engine optimization, digital marketing, social media, content marketing, and technical analysis gives your company a powerful advantage in competitive markets. We constantly apply innovative cross-channel collaboration to maximize the success we deliver to our clients.

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Organic traffic is key to online success

Search Engine Optimization

  • SEO Strategy & Audits
  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Technical SEO
  • Mobile Optimization

Traffic to your site is a top key performance indicator and a powerful force when evaluating the marketing and branding of your organization. Having visibility in the organic search results has been proven to increase traffic to you website and enhance the effectiveness of your overall marketing strategy, but those coveted spots are extremely difficult to obtain.  Let our website optimization firm formulate a SEO strategy that covers every aspect necessary to increase your organic rankings.

Stay competitive

Digital Marketing

Competition is rising.  Costs are rising and the landscape is constantly changing.  The RippleSmith digital marketing team is leading the pack when it comes to generating revenue and new customers for your business.  

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)
  • Display Advertising
  • Remarketing
  • Paid Social Media
  • Online Video

Learn about the RippleSmith difference today. 

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SEO Strategy

Organic search growth

We use a variety of diagnostic testing and strategic analysis tools, to brainstorm with you and learn your industry, audience, and competitive situation, in order to develop a strategy for your approval to execute.

Google AdWords

Our PPC Process

Each of our pay per click managers is Google Adwords certified. In addition, each pay per click manager has a strong background in math and analytics.

Facebook Marketing

The most popular social media site

Facebook gives you the opportunity to target your ads to a very specific group of people. You can choose to show your ads to Facebook users based on demographics and/or interests.

Digital Media

Pay per click research

The process of setting up and optimizing pay per click campaigns requires considerable research. Any quality PPC campaign starts with comprehensive keyword research and analysis.

Bing Ads

Google isn’t the only game in town

Digital marketers who want to maximize their reach don’t just go “all in” with Google. They optimize their sites for keywords so that they appear at the top of the Bing search results, too. They also use Bing for advertising.


Another opportunity to close the sale

Remarketing (sometimes called retargeting) is a way to show ads only to people who’ve visited your site. Reach customers across devices with access to 500+ ad exchanges, including Facebook and Google.


  • What I really appreciate while working with … is … straight-forward approach, sharing her thoughts and ideas, and … clear desire that we (… clients) are successful in our marketing efforts.

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    Marketing Director
  • We lucked out and hired … as our first SEO … We have found … work to be exemplary. We used to spend thousands a month with Google Adwords and get less results than we do now from organic searches.

    Vice President, Sales & Marketing
  • I recommend … to anyone who is passionate about their business, hellbent on top results and wholly committed to longterm success online. You’ll soon discover that …shares your values in all that … does.

    Clayre S.
  • Quite simply put, my agency and all it’s achieved in the past 3 years simply would never have happened without … proven track record to improve conversion and traffic to … client’s sites. All of my work and revenue comes through google searches (and now past work from clients that found me via Google) and … played a critical role in making that happen.

    Forge and Smith
  • dedicated and talented professional. … has a knack for anticipating your needs and will create custom solutions to any challenge without hesitation.

    Blackwave Creative
    Marketing Director
  • …instrumental in aiding us in improving the quality of our SEO services as well as the results of several of our clients. I would encourage anyone looking for an SEO …

    Digital Hospitality
    Marketing Director
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