27 incredibly useful Google Sheets tips

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Here’s How Google Knows in Less Than 5 Minutes if Someone Is a Great Leader

The evaluation spends almost no time assessing a manager’s knowledge, skill, and experience. All but one question focuses on soft skills: communication, feedback, coaching, teamwork, respect, and consideration. Article source: https://www.inc.com/jeff-haden/heres-how-google-knows-in-less-than-5-minutes-if-someone-is-a-great-leader.html
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Google takes a tiny step toward fixing AMP’s URL problem

When you click a link on your phone with a little lightning bolt next to it in Google search, you’re getting something in the AMP format. AMP stands for “Accelerated Mobile Pages,” and you’ve probably noticed that those pages load super quickly and usually look much simpler than regular webpages. You may have also noticed...
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Google, Trump, Tiger Woods: Your Monday Briefing

In 1962, less than half of India’s women voted. By 2014, that figure had shot up to 66 percent. This year, many expect women’s votes to outnumber men’s. That could be a political game changer. “Women are getting more educated, they’re more emancipated, they’re more independent,” said Prannoy Roy, a co-founder of India’s NDTV news...
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Tracking Phones, Google Is a Dragnet for the Police

When detectives in a Phoenix suburb arrested a warehouse worker in a murder investigation last December, they credited a new technique with breaking open the case after other leads went cold. The police told the suspect, Jorge Molina, they had data tracking his phone to the site where a man was shot nine months earlier....
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Google’s new Currents app is its enterprise replacement for Google+

Now that Google+ is history, today, Google unveiled what will be offered to G Suite users in its place: Currents. The new app “enables people to have meaningful discussions and interactions across your organization, helping keep everyone in the know and giving leaders the opportunity to connect with their employees.” The company says Currents has...
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Here’s The Shocking Reality Of Completely Blocking Google From Your Life

How deeply does Google penetrate both your internet life and your real life? Maybe you’ve been considering ditching Google search for Duck Duck Go, or trading in Google Chrome for a privacy-respecting browser like Brave? Perhaps you want to separate yourself from Gmail and Google Maps? Those are all worthwhile endeavors, but what happens when...
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Google Mistake Confirms Important New ‘Pixel 3a’

Wow, Google. Just. Wow. Only days after accidentally confirming the Pixel 4, the company has slipped up again and confirmed another secret Pixel smartphone on its website… Google briefly listed the unannounced Pixel 3a on its website Android Police Spotted by the ever-alert Android Police, Google accidentally listed the midrange ‘Pixel 3a’ range on the...
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Google has now cancelled its AI ethics board after a backlash from staff

The council lasted barely more than a week, after thousands of Google employees signed a petition calling for the removal of one member. The original plan: The Advanced Technology External Advisory Council was set up to “guide responsible development of AI” projects within Google. It had eight members, including technologists, philosophers, and economists, and was meant to hold...
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Google Assistant can now talk like John Legend

It’s pretty clear why Google opted not to announce this news on Monday, along with those new Gmail additions. When the company first mentioned at I/O that musician John Legend’s voice would be coming to Assistant, honestly, we weren’t sure if the company was joking. Today, however, that feature becomes as reality — if you...
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