Using Google Analytics to Track On-site Promotions

Measuring the impact of banners and promotional links on the home page and other key pages can be challenging. In this post, I will provide instructions for identifying on-site banners and other key links that drive clicks and conversions. Off-site vs. On-site I’ve addressed how to track off-site marketing campaigns, at “Google Analytics: How to...
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Google Analytics for Salesforce helps users scour web data

When Salesforce first partnered with Google, the alliance was met with excitement, but also skepticism. Salesforce has touted partnerships before, but there have been times when little has come from them.  The big tech vendors are trying to ensure that doesn’t happen this time, with several new integrations and Salesforce selling Google Marketing Platform products...
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Facebook unveils Portal smart speakers with video calling to battle Amazon and Google

<!– –> MENUSEARCH QUOTES Tech Drivers Facebook on Monday unveiled a pair of smart speakers, complete with cameras and microphones, for your home. The devices, Portal and Portal+, directly challenge Amazon, Google and Apple in the fast-growing smart-speaker market with a unique approach that will emphasize video calling. It’s Facebook’s first hardware product outside the...
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Google Analytics: Easy Ways for Tire Dealers to Get on Board

Google Analytics can make most dealers’ eyes glaze over just thinking about it. This article will surprise you. Though the setup is easy, let someone who “speaks the language” get you started. Once you see what you can learn and how easy it is to find the information, you will be hooked. Let this article...
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SearchCap: Google’s ad chief exits company, Google Analytics 360, SMX West 2019

Sign up for our daily recaps of the ever-changing search marketing landscape. Note: By submitting this form, you agree to Third Door Media’s terms. We respect your privacy. Article source: https://searchengineland.com/searchcap-googles-ad-chief-exits-company-google-analytics-360-smx-west-2019-306162
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88% of Shopify stores have Google Analytics set up incorrectly

Shopify is the world’s leading ecommerce platform, with almost $50bn of gross merchandise sold through the 600k stores on its platform last year. Online marketers are spending billions of dollars to acquire traffic for these stores, but there is a big problem: the Google Analytics setup for most stores is broken. The result? Marketers cannot...
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The ABC’s of Google Analytics: Acquisition-Behavior-Conversion

Find below the categories of Google data. you can use to detect visitor’s traffic on your site. When you log into Google Analytics, you will see these exact words in the right column with the ability to click on them to obtain your reports. READ MORE: Easy Ways for Tire Dealers to Get Started with...
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Track 20 different SEO metrics with this Google Analytics add-on — it’s 80% off right now

Everyone and their mother keeps talking about how you should always track your SEO performance to find out how your content resonates with Google.  Well, they’re not wrong. You should measure your SEO success to determine what works and what doesn’t. And it’s highly encouraged that you take advantage of Google Analytics because it’s free...
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Turn Google Analytics into an SEO beast with this $25 app

If you’ve ever used Google Analytics, you already know it’s a treasure trove of information about exactly how visitors use a website. Now imagine injecting Google Analytics with steroids, juicing this data manipulating beast to become a grade-A SEO aide as well. That’s what Onpage Hero SEO has been offering its users — and now,...
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Best web analytics tools 2018: Alternatives to Google Analytics

Every business is a publisher now, and it’s important to understand how the content you publish reaches its intended audience. A good analytics tool can provide a wealth of information on new and returning visitors, referrals, bounce rates and real-time visitor stats (to name a few).  For many businesses, Google Analytics (GA) is the first analytics tool...
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