The Latest Google Search Console Updates: What You Need to Know

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On Wednesday, Google Wasn’t Evil

Malcolm X. Archibald knows a lot about real estate. He knew little about online marketing. That changed on Wednesday as the 24-year-old real estate agent and budding entrepreneur joined dozens of local people for a corporate-led crash course on how to build a small business in the digital age. Archibald was one of many current...
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Google Tries to Patent Healthcare Deep Learning, EHR Analytics

By Jennifer Bresnick February 05, 2019 – Google has applied for a patent for a deep learning system that aggregates EHR data into a “timeline” in order to predict potential adverse events. The “system and method for predicting and summarizing medical events from electronic health records” is based on the popular data standard known as FHIR,...
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Here are 3 privacy-focused alternatives to Google Analytics

[Image: Simple Analytics] That’s certainly been the case for some of Fathom’s users as well, like the dieting website Paleo Leap. “We’re a very small company, and I’m the one who wears all the hats, and I don’t have time to dig very deep into analytics and conversion numbers,” says site creator Seb Noël. “I just...
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How to know when it’s time to pay for search analytics tools

Search marketers have plenty of free search analytics tools available, from Google Analytics’ wide array of reports and features to pared-down versions of free tools from companies like Moz and SimilarWeb. But eventually, marketers wanting deeper insights into their SEO and search marketing efforts – or those who simply outgrow the free tools they’re using...
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Classic Google Sites deprecation pushed back to 2021 until feature parity reached

Back in 2016, Google revamped its G Suite service for making online sites and other internal resources aimed at teams. A plan to deprecate classic Google Sites was announced the year after, but Google is now pushing back that schedule to 2021 until feature parity is achieved on the new product. In 2017, Google laid...
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Mvix welcomes Google Analytics, other data sources to signage software

Mvix has integrated more than 150 business data sources to its digital signage software through a portal. This portal includes data sources like Salesforce, Google Analytics, HubSpot, MySQL, Quickbooks, Shopify, Netsuite and others, according to a press release. Customers can use these sources to create custom charts and reports to track key performance indicators and...
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Fastbase Inc. Pre-IPO.: Invitation to Buy Shares in The Largest Extension to Google Analytics

Fastbase’s is targeting admission to London Stock Exchange in Q2-Q3, 2019, as the fastest growing SaaS web analytics and lead generation tool built upon Google Analytics. Built upon Google Analytics, Fastbase’s software generates comprehensive lead reports that include extensive company profiles, visitor interaction, key employees with LinkedIn profile and email addresses. The insights provided by Fastbase...
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14 Key Functions Of Google Analytics Agencies Should Be Using

It’s undeniable that Google Analytics (GA) has become a large factor in current marketing strategy development. As such, it’s no surprise that most successful marketers are familiar with the program. Yet, that doesn’t necessarily mean that marketers truly know how to fully optimize the data it provides. For maximum effectiveness, marketers need to not only...
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Q&A: Loyola’s Todd Bacile creating ‘in-demand students’ for workforce needs

Google Analytics, a free feature offered by Google to website owners who want to understand user interactions on a site, is setting a new course for marketing businesses as they try to appeal to consumers. Photo courtesy Loyola University New Orleans According to a recent Google marketing report, eight in 10 shoppers are influenced by...
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