Google: GoogleBot Won’t Request Google Analytics & Many Other Ad Scripts When Crawling

Martin Splitt of Google said on stage at SMX East that Google won’t request Google Analytics and many other ad scripts when crawling your site. This saves in terms of resources and crawl efficiency. I asked Martin later on to list out all the things GoogleBot won’t crawl specifically, because it is useful to know....
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How to Use Google Analytics to Prioritize Marketing Tactics

Guest Contribution by Sarah Noel Block When you work in a small marketing department, you need to focus on the marketing activities that count.  That means you must ignore the noise and look at your data to find out what marketing tactics are driving buying intent.  Right now, you may be thinking, “That’s great, Sarah,...
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[INFOGRAPHIC] Google Analytics: Your Crystal Ball

ONLINE STREAM Never miss a story or breaking news alert! Listen at work or while you surf. LISTEN LIVE Article source: https://knx1070.radio.com/articles/radiocom/infographic-google-analytics-your-crystal-ball
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Google Analytics Data Sharing: Why Not Go All The Way?

Google Blogoscoped (and the Google Analytics Blog) is reporting that Google is now giving users the opt-in option to share their Analytics data with other Google services, and/or in an anonymous, aggregated way in a new benchmarking service. This is certainly useful for some companies – particularly since Google is only making new services based...
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It’s Time You Finally Learn Google Analytics

Every business needs a good web analytics team to make smart, insightful decisions. Google Analytics is one of the top platforms for gathering and analyzing web data, and it’s used by most businesses in 2019. That means it’s important for everybody to have an understanding of how to use GA in this day and age. If...
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Augmented Analytics Is Vital to Modern Customer Acquisition

Nothing is more exciting in the arena of Data Analytics than the possibilities of Augmented Analytics. Also referred to as “AI-driven analytics,” their potential to be a game-changing Customer Acquisition tool is remarkable, offering unprecedented insight into untapped potential audiences that marketers can then target and begin validating as a viable segment. According to leading...
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Google Analytics: Introduction to Cross-device Reporting

There has been a seismic shift in website traffic in the past several years, from desktop to mobile. Thus gaining insights into mobile shopping behavior is essential for ecommerce merchants. Google Analytics has rolled out the beta version of cross-device reporting to inform merchants of how their shoppers are interacting via multiple devices. Cross-device Reporting...
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How to create Google Analytics traffic and conversion rate reports

Google Analytics can provide a wealth of information on how your website’s performance varies depending on what day or time it is. This can help you spot trends which can be invaluable when deciding how to best to use your budget for activities like pay per click advertising. The traffic on most websites follows a...
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Get lead scoring data in Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager

Ruth Burr Reedy, VP strategy at UpBuild, speaking at MarTech Conference 2019 in Boston. “These are the wrong kind of leads.” Sound familiar? If you’re a lead generation marketer, it’s an unwritten right of passage to get that complaint from your sales team. Perhaps you are generating more leads, but they’re coming from higher funnel...
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Four Of The Most Common Attribution Mistakes When Using Google Analytics

Correctly implemented, attribution provides us with a window into how our marketing efforts have succeeded or failed. There are various tools to measure attribution along the customer journey, but the most common attribution tool may be the first line of attribution — Google Analytics. While the promise of Google Analytics’ insights is great, attribution is...
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