SEO is not enough in the age of voice

With technology transforming virtually every aspect of our lives, it should be noted that many of the innovations we’re now seeing have existed for decades in science fiction novels and television. The capacity to talk to a computer (and have it talk back) was a staple of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek, where the Starfleet computer was...
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Four Reasons Why You Need To Customize Your SEO Strategy

Post written by Jeff Gilden Article source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesagencycouncil/2017/12/08/four-reasons-why-you-need-to-customize-your-seo-strategy/
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Your Holiday SEO Checklist

Whilst seasonal SEO is a highly debated topic, there is a lot of merit in making sure your site is optimized for the season. The season is fleeting, and it takes time for your optimization efforts to be noticed and taken into consideration, so why go through the trouble? True, proper SEO can be time-consuming...
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How Voice Search And SEO Influence Business-To-Business Decision-Makers

Post written by Kenny Tripura Article source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesagencycouncil/2017/12/05/how-voice-search-and-seo-influence-business-to-business-decision-makers/
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My 12 most important SEO metrics to monitor

As a digital marketer, you can measure the success of your work in several ways. One of those ways is by examining key SEO metrics. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools that provide you with easy-to-read reports so you can check those metrics. Two of the best utilities, Google Search Console and Google Analytics, are not...
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Is Your SEO Competition Too Crowded? Here Are 7 Ways To Gain An Advantage

Pexels.com Is Your SEO Competition Too Crowded? Here Are 7 Ways to Gain An Advantage Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t new anymore. People have been working to increase their rankings in search engines since, well, search engines started gaining popularity. Today, thousands of firms have dedicated themselves to helping clients rise through the organic search...
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6 Things New SEO Research Reveals About Content Marketing

Search engine optimization and content marketing share an awful lot of territory. It’s so extensive that people have written hundreds of articles about how content marketing is the new SEO. Or about how there is no SEO without content. That’s all true, too. Which is why so many content marketers either already have SEO skills,...
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SEO Guide: How to Optimize Your Posts in WordPress

WEBINAR: On-demand webcast How to Boost Database Development Productivity on Linux, Docker, and Kubernetes with Microsoft SQL Server 2017 REGISTER It is not uncommon for beginners to under-utilize SEO plugins in WordPress. Often, they read a few guides online on how to start your own blog/website, and do the steps specified in these blogs without...
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When SEO isn’t your SEO problem

If you’ve been doing SEO for any length of time, you’ve undoubtedly experienced your fair share of failures. And in many cases, frustratingly, the SEO program itself was not the issue. While I’ve discussed meta topics such as management challenges, getting executive buy-in, and the need for flexibility in the past, I haven’t directly addressed the question,...
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18 Technical SEO Tips for N00bs

SEO goes beyond keyword research and creating optimized content. There’s also the technical aspect. Getting this right can really boost your search rankings. We’ll help you get started. Search engines are now more than ever more focused on providing users with an overall great experience. The algorithms that control search engines consider everything from UX...
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