Search Engine Land unveils Periodic Tables of PPC

NEW YORK — For years, Search Engine Land has released regular updates to our celebrated Period Table of SEO Elements, and thousands of search marketers have downloaded that resource to better help them organize the myriad facets and, well, elements that make up for a good organic search strategy. Today we have finally created a similar resource for paid search marketers with the release of our inaugural Periodic Tables of PPC.

Ginny Marvin, a renowned expert in PPC who leads our editorial team here at Search Engine Land, unveiled the resource at the SMX East conference in New York.

“What I really wanted to be able to do is answer, ‘How do we wrap our arms around all of the complexity, all of the campaign levers, all things we deal with every day?’” Ginny said on Wednesday during her session on the report. In the end, that level of complexity made it impossible to contain everything in one table alone. So the Periodic Tables of PPC report includes two periodic tables as well as seven appendices on things like ad extensions, common metrics and toxins.

The report is the 3rd Periodic Table we’ve released in the past year. We’ve already mentioned the SEO table, but we more recently released a Periodic Table of Email Optimization and Delivery. And, in 2020, we’ve got a slate of new Periodic Tables planned on topics ranging from social media marketing, event marketing, content strategy and more.

Click here to learn more about the Periodic Tables of PPC and to download the free report.


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