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Google makes a big change to search results to stop users clicking irrelevant videos

Google has made a significant change to search results, which have started playing short previews of videos. They’re replacing the static image thumbnails Google has traditionally used for video results, with the move designed to help you find relevant content even faster.  The main issue with Google’s previous approach was that it allowed misleading thumbnails...
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SEO Tutorial: 12 Immutable Laws For Dominating Google’s Search

What happens in an internet minute? One year ago. The answer would have been 2.4 million searches on Google performed per minute. Yes. Per minute. This year, 3.5 million per minute. Considering that there are 1,440 minutes in any given day, the sheer vastness of that number, along with the endless petabytes of data it...
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What Moved the Needle? Conversion Tracking Across Facebook and Google Analytics

With data-driven advertising comes great responsibility – and the headache of how to accurately pinpoint what contributed to each conversion online. Facebook undoubtedly has the most comprehensive tracking in the industry, as it can track actual users as opposed to browser cookies. Yet, many advertisers double-check and compare Facebook campaign data with third-party metrics, most...
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Google shows how easy it is for software to remove watermarks from photos

Google’s research division today detailed just how easy it is for computer algorithms to bypass standard photo watermarking practices, stripping those images of copyright protection and making them vulnerable to reposting across the internet without credit. The research, presented at a leading computer vision conference in Hawaii back in July, is described in detail in...
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How To Handle Competition In An SEO Campaign How To Handle Competition In An SEO Campaign Obviously, I’m a proponent of search engine optimization (SEO), but I admit there’s one frustrating weakness to the strategy; if a competitor outranks you for one or more crucial keywords, your traffic and leads could plummet. Not only that, all the traffic you lost will now...
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Google Analytics: What to Measure and Where Visitors Go

About Drew Eastmead Drew leads Vertical Measures’ training and education efforts, including our Content Coaching services. He has 13 years of digital experience, including 10 in New York City, where he managed several large-scale websites. Today, he arms clients with the latest content marketing knowledge and skills to compete in the digital space. @dreweastmead Article...
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Google is testing a data-friendly version of its Search app

Google might soon release a data-friendly version of its search app for mobile. That’s because the company is currently piloting such an app in Indonesia, as the eagle-eyed team at Android Police first spotted. “Search Lite” — which TechCrunch understands is not the name of the app, but it is certainly an accurate description of...
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AdWords app-install campaigns to sunset as Universal App Campaigns take over

Google launched Universal App Campaigns (UAC) roughly two years ago to help developers drive app downloads. UAC has co-existed with AdWords app-install campaigns since that time. Now the company is moving all app-install ads under the umbrella of UAC. Google said that as of October 16, all app-install campaigns will run as UAC ads. All...
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3 Things Every Website Needs for a Better SEO Ranking

To boost your website’s visibility, it all comes down to the fundamentals Search engine optimization (SEO) means different things to different people. Some people understand SEO as managing a relationship with Google through Adwords, Search Console, and Analytics. Some understand it as the content you produce, as well as your ability to get other sites to...
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10 Google Analytics Event Goals You Need To Set

There is arguably no free resource that’s more valuable to today’s online business than the Google Analytics platform. It’s a tool that would normally cost thousands of dollars per year, but is Google’s gift to you. Having said that, are you making the most out of the platform by tapping into the “goals” feature? Tracking...
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