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Build your PPC campaigns with this mini campaign builder script for Google Ads

Need to quickly build a campaign or add keywords to an existing one? This script will do the work for you! All you need to do is input a few keywords and headlines in a spreadsheet and BAM! You’ve got yourself the beginnings of a great campaign. I’m a firm believer in Single Keyword per...
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Google will spend another $600 million on Oklahoma data center

“This national expansion comes at a significant moment for Google. For 21 years, we’ve pursued a timeless mission, to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful,” Pichai said. Gov. Kevin Stitt thanked Google for being an early adopter of Oklahoma’s tech future. “I can’t underscore enough the importance that we continue...
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How to Use SEO Traffic to Make the World a Better Place

There are many fine blog posts about how to improve the SEO or marketing for charity and nonprofit websites. This is not one of those posts. In this blog post, I will explore how high-traffic websites with strong SEO programs can use their ranking success to help improve the world (if just the tiniest bit)...
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How Much Should You Pay for SEO Content?

“How much do you charge?” As an SEO content writer that works primarily with SEO agencies, I am used to getting this question. And no matter my answer, the responses always remind me a bit of the Goldilocks story… “That price is too cheap.” “That price is too high.” “That price is just right.” It’s...
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Google Maps is testing a new safety feature for taxi passengers

Google appears to be testing a new safety feature for Google Maps that will alert you if your car or taxi deviates from its route by more than 500 meters (0.3 miles). The feature was first spotted by XDA Developers, and it appears to be exclusive to India for now. “Off-route alerts” can be found...
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3 international SEO best practices for global businesses

Craig Witt As your ecommerce company begins to scale globally, the first order of business is to help audiences in new regions find you online. Search engine optimization, or SEO, plays a key role in that strategy. While you’ve likely made significant investments in SEO for your origin website, building value and rank in search...
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Google Maps lets you see how fast you’re driving. Here’s how

Google has been busy updating Google Maps in the past month, first rolling out speed limit indicators and then speed camera alerts. The latest feature to join Google’s mapping app is a speedometer that shows up while you’re driving. While yes, of course your car already has one, the idea is to be able to...
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6 Brilliant Reasons Why You Should Use SEO Tools

The idea that SEO tools are useful for SEO isn’t anything groundbreaking. Most marketers know that knowledge is power and that one’s SEO knowledge is only as strong as the data it’s built on. Having access to accurate, reliable, easy-to-use SEO tools will only make your SEO strategy stronger. You’ll gain invaluable insights into not...
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Google Analytics is Blocked by Firefox, Mozilla Explains Why [UPDATED]

Representatives from Mozilla, parent company of Firefox, have explained why the browser is now blocking Google Analytics by default. An updated version of the Firefox browser was released this week which blocks all trackers including Google Analytics. That means traffic data may be affected when visitors are using the latest version of Firefox. Mozilla claims...
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Track your ad tests at scale with this advanced AdWords script

Keeping track of when your ad tests have enough data to be concluded can be a real challenge when you may have dozens of different ad tests running within an account. The most common way to split test revolves around labeling sets of ad copies “Ad copy 1” and “Ad copy 2” and using the...
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