August 5, 2011

Small Business SEO: Get to Grip With Links

When thinking about SEO, many website owners put undue attention onto the site itself, worrying about things such as meta tags, keyword density (actually a myth ), headings, and titles. While on-site factors do play a part in SEO (especially when it comes to content), they pale into insignificance when it comes to links. Most...
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Google’s Robot Car Accident Blamed On Human

Google’s famed self-driving car got into its first fender-bender this week. The project is aimed at creating less traffic accidents and improving transportation safety and productivity, which makes the event a bit embarrassing. But before you start discounting the advancements in computer capabilities, Google says that the incident was actually caused by human error. We’ve...
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Thursday August 4, 2011, 8:23 am Voted – it’s barbaric – thanks Simone. Should bullfighting be banned in Spain? Of course! It’s barbaric. 67.48% Of course not! It’s part of what makes Spain Spain. 29.27% Other: I’ll explain in the comments below. 3.25% send green star | flag as inappropriate Article source:
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How I improved my SEO by scrapping AdWords

Joshua Kamil started Ready Steady Print to cater for what he believes is a lack of quality services for businesses and individuals. By combining traditional printing services with online features like the ability to customise as much of the product as possible, the company has carved out a solid niche.   Revenue is growing at...
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