September 1, 2011

Give Me A Search And Social Nudge

With roots in search engine optimization, Liana Evans explains the importance of integrating SEO and social media. She tells us the key to understanding search optimization in social media resides in remembering that social media communities are not search engines, and people search differently than they converse. Evans explains why these are important, how to...
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Fox News and Google to present GOP presidential debate

Fox News and Google will team up later this month to host a Republican presidential debate featuring video and text questions submitted by the public via YouTube. The use of YouTube-generated questions for a presidential debate was first attempted in 2007, when YouTube and CNN joined to produce Republican and Democratic debates. But the format...
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Report: Yahoo, Tor, Mozilla, WordPress also hit by DigiNotar hack

Besides the fraudulent security certificates Dutch authority DigiNotar issued for, more were made for,,, and an Iranian blogging platform, Baladin, according to a Dutch report.  The report [Google Translate version] does not state how it came across the information that the additional sites were targeted, and neither DigiNotar, its parent,...
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Search Optimization Is Still Part of Social Media Marketing

There’s a panel at SES that usually ends up drawing a packed house. “SEO is Dead! Long Live SEO” never fails to impress the audience, especially with all the cries that “Social media is now ‘king.'” As I am primarily a social media marketer, but have deep roots in search engine optimization, I raise my...
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