May 29, 2019

Nonprofits to Google AdWords Grant Program: Time Needed!

“Time’s Up,” Charlie Wollberg March 1, 2018; Reuters Technology News Thousands of nonprofits all over the country have been racing to meet a deadline set by Google’s AdWords Ad Grant program in December. Many may not demonstrate the necessary five-percent click-through rate over two consecutive months. Doing so means making sure your nonprofit perfects the...
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Google’s John Mueller is Asked About Top 3 SEO Factors

A web publisher asked Google’s John Mueller for feedback about the top 3 SEO factors Martin Splitt discussed in the first SEO Mythbusters video. Ranking Factors Vary by Query The reasons Google ranks a page is in my opinion particular to the search query and the intent behind it. Some phrases have multiple meanings, which...
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How to Unlock Google Analytics’ Full Potential and See Remarkable Results

Presented with Google Analytics’ rich data, it’s easy for marketers to get overwhelmed or distracted. There’s a fine line, after all, between simply collecting dots and actually connecting them. Google Analytics can grant tremendous insight into customer behavior. But extracting that information is impossible unless you know what to look for. Measurement is the first...
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