June 28, 2019

Google’s third subsea cable will pump data from Portugal to South Africa

Google’s Equiano subsea cable will connect Portugal, South Africa, Nigeria and likely other nations. Google Google’s third undersea network cable will shuttle high-speed data from Portugal to South Africa and countries in between starting in 2021, a fiber-optic line called Equiano. The fiber-optic line is part of Google’s massive investment in computing infrastructure — an...
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To Make More Money Online, You Must Diversify From Google AdWords and Facebook Ads (or Pay the Price)

Do you rely on one client for all of your business? Every business worth its salt knows the value of diversification when it comes to making money. It’s a lesson that’s drummed in early and often, often by hard experience. But diversification doesn’t just apply to variety in your clients. It also applies to your marketing....
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The 4 SEO Priorities for Ecommerce Sites

Google rarely discloses algorithm details. That lack of transparency forces search engine optimizers to work in the dark. I equate it to the medical profession, where doctors are fighting an unknown illness. Ask 10 doctors why your head hurts, and you could get 10 different answers. To be sure, searches on Google sometimes directly lead...
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Google analytics suggest a surprising winner of the first Democrat debate

While pundits debate which candidate had a good showing and which had a bad showing at the first Democratic debates, Google analytics provided a technical measure that is a strong indicator of who won. The official Google Trends social media account tweeted that Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii had the greatest increase in searches on...
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