15 SEO Gurus That You Should Know for 2015

As we now know better than ever before, SEO best practices are constantly changing. Not only are there new algorithm announcements and changes you have to follow, but understanding what you need to do in response or how your strategy needs to be altered can be tough. It’s the SEO gurus who help keep us informed and give us guidance into the vague world of SEO.

For a little recognition as we close out 2014 and begin 2015, below are 15 SEO gurus who have been reporting and analyzing search engine news day in and day out:

1. Matt Cutts.

Affiliations: Head of Google Webspam.

Claim to Fame: Matt Cutts is the go-to guy when it comes to all things SEO, so his list of accomplishments is impressive. However, his claim to fame is probably creating over 500 short videos giving SEO advice ranging from ecommerce tips to SEO tools, to website coding and more. Visit this page to see all his posts.

2. Rand Fishkin.

Affiliations: Co-authored/ co-founded the Art of SEO, Inbound.org, and Moz.

Claim to Fame: Rand created Moz, one of the most well-respected and authoritative SEO blogs on the web, and frequently offers advice through blog posts and forums. He was the CEO from 2007-2013, during which time he has given presentations at Google, Facebook, Microsoft, the United Nations, Stanford University, NPR, and more.

Article source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/johnrampton/2014/12/15/15-seo-gurus-that-you-should-know-for-2015/

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