19 Free SEO Tutorials

Search engine optimization is the process of improving the visibility of your website in organic search results. It sounds simple enough. But there are many ways to affect search outcomes. Fortunately, if you’re new to SEO or even if you’re an advanced user, there are useful tutorials, to improve.

Here is a list of free SEO tutorials. There are tutorials for SEO basics, keyword research, link building, page speed optimization, and mobile and local SEO. There are tutorials for both beginners and experienced users.

19 Free SEO Tutorials

Google SEO Starter Guide (PDF). Google’s introductory guide is a good place to start. It covers SEO basics — improving site structure, optimizing content, dealing with crawlers, SEO for mobile phones, promotions, and analysis. Learn how to improve your website and improve its visibility from the main source on search.

Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide (PDF)

Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide (PDF)

SEO Tutorial for Beginners in 2016. This article is a beginner’s guide to effective white hat SEO. It’s broken up into 59 different topics and includes helpful video clips with search masters. Organic SEO is about getting free traffic from Google, mainly. This tutorial will help you get that done.

The Definitive Guide To Keyword Research. SEO is heavily based on keywords. This guide on keyword research is from Backlinko, an SEO training and consulting firm. It features chapters on long tail keywords, keyword competition, keyword research tools, SEO content, and more.

19-Step Keyword Research Process. This post runs through a 19-step keyword research process for new content. It also provides helpful links to free tools at every step. You can also download the checklist to use when you create new content.

19-Step Keyword Research Process

19-Step Keyword Research Process

How To Do Keyword Research For SEO. You cannot plan for a campaign unless you know which phrases you’re targeting. You cannot estimate costs and returns from SEO unless you first know whom you’re competing against. The goal of this post is to approach keyword research for SEO from its roots and build toward the more technical aspect of your research.

How I Found 100 Keywords For My Niche Site In Under 26 Minutes. Follow this case study as it finds 100 high-traffic keywords in under 30 minutes, using a self-help niche company, Moaning Bastard Guides. Learn a five-step method for finding quality keywords, get a batch in less than 5 minutes, and use Wikipedia for helpful headline keywords.

White Hat SEO Case Study. This case study from Backlinko describes how SnackNation, a healthy-snack-delivery service, achieved a number one Google ranking. Follow results of the keyword planning, content research, content creation, promotion, and upgrades. Also, download a handy PDF checklist to execute the strategy from the post.

Link building: How to Build Links to Your Website in 2016. Link-building and off-page SEO is more challenging than ever. With Google’s algorithm updates, developing natural, high-quality links is essential. Learn the ins and outs of the current state of link building, including the evolution of link building, the importance of content, social share, the best way to use links, and more.

Link Building: How To Build Links To Your Website in 2016

Link Building: How To Build Links To Your Website in 2016

The Essential Guide to Effective Link Building Outreach. Content marketing and link building are about building relationships. This guide covers essential components of the outreach process to keep your response rates high.

Mobile Friendly Websites (from Google). Get the basics on mobile SEO from Google. This tutorial covers mobile SEO configurations, key points for going mobile, responsive web design, tablets and feature phones, common mistakes, and more. Take a test to discover if a website has a mobile-friendly design.

Local SEO Checklist. To ensure your local business has every chance of succeeding, use this checklist to make sure you’re ticking all the boxes to get seen in the search engine results pages. Learn to match your business model to Google’s guidelines, get local content right, certify citations, clean up listings, and earn reviews.

How to Attract Local Customers: A Complete Guide to Local SEO. Top influencer and marketing guru Neil Patel takes you through Google’s algorithm updates and their effect on local search. Learn to achieve greater local visibility and optimize your web presence in three steps.

How to Attract Local Customers: A Complete Guide to Local SEO

How to Attract Local Customers: A Complete Guide to Local SEO

Mobile Search SEO. This is a tutorial from Builtvisible, a digital marketing agency, to help adopt a SEO strategy for mobile. Whether your mobile site is standalone, adaptive, or responsive, you need a search strategy that corresponds to your design.

The Advanced Guide to SEO. If you’ve already mastered the basics of SEO, this guide by Neil and Sujan Patel provides dozens of actionable tips and strategies to improve your traffic from organic search on the web. It features chapters on WordPress, advanced data research, link building techniques, and more.

The Ultimate Mega Guide to Speeding Up WordPress. Here is a collection of 22 fixes to dramatically improve a WordPress site’s loading time, including speed and development-related improvements. This step-by-step guide goes through many aspects of optimizing and speeding up your WordPress site.

A Beginner’s Guide to Website Speed Optimization. This six-chapter, in-depth speed-optimization guide shows you how important it is to have a fast loading, snappy website. Learn common business mistakes that kill website performance. Use website speed testing to identify performance bottlenecks. Get solutions to improve your website speed.

A Beginner's Guide to Website Speed Optimization

A Beginner’s Guide to Website Speed Optimization

A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Compelling Article Introduction. If you want to write compelling content, improve the success of your marketing campaigns, and increase the loyalty of your fans, learn to master introductions. Add the power of story to your writing, increasing your links with unstoppable content.

On Page Technical SEO Audit (PDF). This guide sets out all of the technical aspects of on-page SEO and shows how to use them to your advantage when performing an on-page SEO audit. Covering everything from hosting types to code performance issues, this helps to understand the core technical issues that can hold back an SEO project.

Step-by-Step ‘Technical SEO’ Checklist. Learn how to perform every step of a “technical SEO” audit, and download a technical SEO checklist. This article focuses solely on the technical performance and on site factors. It does not include keyword research, competitive analysis, and link profile analysis.

Step-by-Step 'Technical SEO' Checklist

Step-by-Step ‘Technical SEO’ Checklist

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