July 17, 2011

5 Steps Google Must Take Now To Bring Google+ into the Mobile Sphere

 By Hillel Fuld on 17 Jul 11 It is official; Google has made it in the world of social networks. After countless failures, the likes of Buzz and Wave, Google+ has hit ten million users in a short period of two weeks. It seems that user feedback is overwhelmingly positive once you get passed the...
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Non-WordPress Admins Can’t Use Some Types Of Embed Code, Here’s How To Fix It

So this is one that just came to my attention this morning when one of my writers came to me and said that no matter how hard he tried to follow my instructions for using embed code when he saved it would disappear. At first I figured it was user error on his part but...
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SEO is More Alive Than Ever

SEO may be a bitch, but it’s not dead. I wrote last month about my love/hate relationship with search engine optimization. It’s absolutely true. Most of what I don’t love about this space is running an agency (the business side of it). Shortly after I published my post, I came across a brilliant piece by...
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