November 3, 2017

AdWords Conversion Linker: What is it and why do you need it?

In the last few days you might have seen an overlay banner in your Google Tag Manager account as below: This is related to an email AdWords sent out at the beginning of September regarding the upcoming Safari update which introduces the Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP).  The new technology intends to improve people’s privacy by...
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Four Ways To Determine Whether An SEO Campaign Is A Good Fit For Your Business

Shutterstock Establishing a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign for your business can help you gain new customers, boost brand awareness and establish a robust online presence. However, not every business is successful in using SEO to bolster profits. Before you embark on an SEO campaign or hire an SEO company, it is important to evaluate...
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The Google Analytics Social channel is broken: Here’s how to fix it

One of the joys of Google Analytics is the number of built-in filters and segments that make it fast and easy to dig into where your traffic is really coming from. In some cases, that’s also its biggest nightmare. Why? Because in some cases, the presets in Google Analytics don’t show you what you think...
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