September 14, 2018

Google AdWords, Website Design & Other Marketing Outsourcing Decisions Facing Dealerships

The ongoing conundrum of outsourced vs. in-house marketing provided a packed roundtable discussion on Day 2 of the Dealership Minds Summit in Iowa City. With representatives ranging from single-store operations to 76-location Titan Machinery, the common ground was “cookie-cutter solutions” didn’t exist for any particular outsourcing decision. The Boundaries of Outsourcing The “jack-of-all-trades” approach to...
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Is SEO table stakes? (Hint: No!) – Search Engine Land

Back in late 2006, the topic of the day was “Is SEO rocket science?” It wasn’t of course, unless you were referring to boosting your organic traffic to a rocket-like trajectory or trying to impress someone by spouting off the mathematical equation for PageRank. As a nascent industry, it did seem to some at the...
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Eight Agency-Recommended Tools For Analyzing Your Data

Good data is important for any business to have. What’s even more essential is the ability to analyze and draw actionable insights from that data. Otherwise, that valuable information becomes nothing more than numbers on a spreadsheet. There are tons of third-party tools and methods available to help you use your business data to its...
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