December 18, 2018

New Google Campus Accelerates Tech’s March Into New York

Google has expanded quietly and has not asked for public subsidies. “We’ve been growing steadily for the past 18 years without heralding trumpets, or asking for support from the government,” William Floyd, Google’s head of external affairs in New York said this month. “We’ve done it by the dint our own work.” Still, Google has...
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Want to know the secrets to cashing in on Google AdWords? Find out for $12.99

It’s an exciting time for digital advertisers and brand managers. Late last month, Google rechristened its massively successful advertising platform Google AdWords as Google Ads. While the adjustment heralds some change, the name simplification really just helps clarify AdWord’s ever-expanding capabilities. When launched back in 2000, Google AdWords was simply an outlet for running text...
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