Want to know the secrets to cashing in on Google AdWords? Find out for $12.99

It’s an exciting time for digital advertisers and brand managers. Late last month, Google rechristened its massively successful advertising platform Google AdWords as Google Ads.

While the adjustment heralds some change, the name simplification really just helps clarify AdWord’s ever-expanding capabilities. When launched back in 2000, Google AdWords was simply an outlet for running text ads in Google search results. Now, Google Ads covers advertising across the entire Google family of outlets, including not only Google and Google searches, but all their affiliated websites and apps like Gmail and YouTube.

Source: The Next Web

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Article source: https://www.inventiva.co.in/2018/08/23/want-to-know-the-secrets-to-cashing-in-on-google-adwords-find-out-for-12-99/

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