July 4, 2019

Don’t get pulled over this weekend. Check your speed with Google Maps

Google Maps. NurPhoto/Getty Images The 4th of July means fireworks (learn how to take the best photos), cookouts and, unfortunately, speed traps. If you use Google Maps while you drive, you can keep an eye on how fast you’re going with a recent speedometer tool built into navigation. Yes, we know your car already has one, but...
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Google taking Ads API back to beta over performance issues

Google has decided to send its Ads API back to beta. Feedback from developers about slow response times have caused Google to determine that the API is not ready for production usage. There are a number of other complaints about the new API, beyond response times. This has prompted Google to take the unusual step...
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A New Era of Google Search: What It Means for SEO

Important changes are happening at Google and, in a world where marketing and algorithms intersect, those changes are largely happening under the radar. The future of search looks like it will have considerably less search in it, and this isn’t just about the end of the 10 blue links, but about much more fundamental changes....
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How To Become Your Office’s (Hopefully Highly Paid) Data Master

This bundle covers major data storage platforms like Oracle, plus newer analytics tools like Hadoop and Cloud. You can earn certificates for completing training in SAS, R. Oracle, and other databases. If you want a solid overview of all things data-oriented, this is the bundle for you. Get it today for just $29, 90% off...
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RippleSmith Services

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