3 Most Dependable White Hat SEO Techniques for Better SEO Success

Most of the online business owners know about SEO or Search Engine Optimization pretty well and it too is a well known fact that a well optimized site does much better that the ones which aren’t optimized. This is how SEO plays a very important role in the success of an online business.

However, it is equally important to be confirmed that your modus operandi complies well with the search engine algorithms especially with the Google’s. As every other thing on earth, SEO too has been much abused. And the level of misuse has been so tremendous that today Google keeps updating its algorithm quite regularly.

And this also brought into existence three different types of search engine optimization namely, White Hat, Black Hat, and Gray Hat SEOs. Out of these White Hat SEO is the name for all the ethical methods used for the optimization of your site. Black Hat stands for all the unethical and illegitimate means of optimization and Gray Hat is the name given to the those techniques which aren’t illegitimate but don’t enjoy the same respect as the White Hat ones.

So it is always good to use only those techniques that come under the White Hat methodologies. Here are some of the most dependable White Hat SEO techniques to make your optimization worthwhile.

1. Keyword Research Effective Use of Keywords
This is the very point where you start up with your optimization. You must already be aware that keywords are the search terms using which the searchers search the internet. Even before you start up your business, you need to know how the searchers would try to search your site. Choosing wrong search terms will prove fatal because if you choose wrong keywords which are not used by the searchers, they will never be able to reach you. Again if you choose highly competitive keywords, you’ll have to work much harder than usual. So, before you even build up your site, do a thorough keyword research and use them effectively on your site.

It is always recommendable to use some keyword research tool as it gets you more accurate results and saves a lot of your precious time. Effective usage of keyword means that you place the keywords in right percentage and on the right places all through your site and other content that you use for optimization.

2. High Quality Content Usage
Asking you frankly, how many times have you read this point, and in how many places? Surely, it is a point of great importance and where ever you’ll go, whatsoever you’ll read, and whosoever you’ll ask about white hat SEO techniques, you’ll definitely come across this point. So what does it actually stand for? Have you really started using high quality content? And what exactly does “high quality content” stand for?

Let’s take an example, say there’s a website selling books, and it has a short and sweet about us section with a paragraph or two telling about what they sell and so on. And they have placed their books categorically on different pages with little or no description at all. Do you think this to be an example of high quality content? Well, if you think so you’ll be disappointed on reading the next example.

Here is another site, doing the same thing, i.e. selling books. It has a neat and beautiful about us section telling what they do in clear-cut but attractive manner. This site too has placed the books categorically on various different pages of the site but has added proper description for each of the books, even added one or two chapters to be read for free, picture of the book, short introduction to the author, and reviews by various reviewers. So, now say, which of these two sites have better content? Obviously, the second one, right?  You too need to have some unique ways of introducing your products to the customers along with really attractive content. Remember content doesn’t stand only for the word you write but also for the photos, and videos that you add.

3. Getting High Quality Inbound Links
When you start optimizing your site, you surely undergo various link building methods with an aim of getting lots of inbound links. But as the saying goes, quality is better than quantity, so is true for the inbound links. If for the sake of getting lots and lots of inbound links you start getting them from low quality sites or the ones from low quality neighborhoods, you’ll only ruin your efforts as well as the reputation of your site. So better get lesser inbound links but get only the high quality ones.

Keep these 3 white hat SEO techniques in your mind before starting up with optimization and you’ll surely get better success.

Article source: http://garage.marketingpilgrim.com/post/9785663047

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