4 New WordPress Features You Should be Using Already

4 New WordPress Features You Should be Using Already

, Sat, Nov 19, 2011

WordPress has been getting really popular. According to figures published on wordpress.org, the open source publishing platform has seen substantial growth over the past year – now being the fuel behind 14, 7% of world’s top one million websites.

Compare this to the figures of last year – when they had only 8.5% and you’ll see it’s quite a leap. WordPress continuously strives to offer users new and challenging tools to improve blogger experience so recently it released the 3.3. version. Here’s a short list of some new little neat features you might not want to miss out.

1. Improved Distraction Free Writing

This feature first came on board with WordPress’s version 3.2. Now bloggers have the option of improving the content by removing the unnecessary details that distract them from the actual job.

2. New Media Uploader

WordPress has decided to merge all the media buttons and create just one for all types of media. So now, there’s no reason to search for separate videos, photos buttons. Just click the “Add Media” button

And that’s not all, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a Media drag and drop uploader. Publishing your photos/videos is so easy now. Click the button we have just discussed, then find your images/music/video/whatever you need on your computer, drag them over in the WordPress white screen and drop them. That’s it, your job is done!

3. Tumblr Importer

You might know Tumblr. If you don’t, well, Tumblr is the artsy sort of social blog that enables users to share their art with their friends and admirers. And of course, you can write posts, add music and so on. Even if importers no longer come in the same package with WordPress, they nevertheless exist as plug-ins. You can still find the removed importers in the Tools menu. Just click Import and you can install it from within WordPress. Tumblr is now available for import with the new 3.3. thus opening the door to the artsy side of blogging.

4. Flyout Menus

Flyout Menus are fun, easy to use and save a lot of time. Previously, flyout menus were only available when the menu was collapsed, but now everybody gets to use them. Everything you need to do is just a click away. Just hover the mouse over an option and a submenu will pop up. Click on the option you need and be on your way in just a few seconds!

I firmly believe technology is made to serve our needs and not the other way around. Inventive gadgets and creative start-ups please my eye and mind. My belief is that a symbiosis out of technology and our daily lives is what can propel civilization forward.



Article source: http://techleash.com/2011/11/4-new-wordpress-features-you-should-be-using-already/

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