5 common Google AdWords mistakes that are costing you business

Google AdWords changed the advertising world forever. Back in 2000, Google launched AdWords, an advertising platform that allows businesses to get their marketing message seen on the world’s largest search engine.  

Unlike expensive traditional advertising mediums such as newspapers, radio, tv and billboards, AdWords leveled the playing field by making Google advertising affordable for businesses of all sizes.

With AdWords, advertisers have control over how much they spend, when and where their ads show along with detailed performance insights allowing for on-the-fly changes to maximize ROI.  

Despite the many great features AdWords offers, however, like any form of advertising, it’s all too easy to quickly spend money without seeing the desired results.  

As a former Google Certified Partner and internet marketing coach, here are five common — but costly — mistakes I’ve seen too many companies make:
Mistake 1: Combining search and display advertising
When you …

Article source: https://www.inman.com/2018/02/08/5-common-google-adwords-mistakes-that-are-costing-you-business/

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