5 Creative Ways To Use Google Adwords’ Ad Extension

The implementation of Google AdWords has really changed the SEO landscape, and whatever your opinion of it, if you’re not on the bandwagon you’re missing out.

AdWords is a simple concept that opens the door to a number of possibilities. It works by giving you the chance to add extensions to your adverts with the search engine.

These extensions range from adding your location, a telephone number and prices to your advert – where you end up with your ad looking like nothing else on the search results page.

But of course, it’s not as simple as just picking some extensions and bringing them together. So to get ahead in the game you’ll need to find the extensions that are best for you and get creative with them.

To help you in your pursuit of standing out from the crowd, we’ve constructed a list of the five most creative ways to get your ads to stand out in AdWords:

1. Message extension

The AdWords message extension is the new kid on the block in terms of what’s available on the market.

The feature works by displaying a box at the bottom of your advert offering the option of texting the business for more information among other things.

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The move is ideal for plenty of businesses that are happy to deal with inquiries via SMS as well as customers who prefer to avoid phone communication.

The message extension can be used for more than just inquiries though. A very useful feature for users who click to send an SMS via AdWords is the prompt that can be presented displaying a list of options for the type of message being sent. This provides an excellent opportunity to broaden your horizons in what you can offer customers.

This extension can greatly benefit restaurants that are looking to set up a simple reservation function. You can inform customers of the required fields to message – something along the lines of [RESERVATION – FRI – 7 PM] to which you can check and reply to confirm, eliminating the need of signing up for dedicated plugins or having a member of staff on hand to accept lengthy phone calls.

This method could be expanded for all businesses that run a booking feature, from leisure centers to hairdressers. It can even be used as a simple method of requesting menus, price lists, and brochures that can be sent straight to mobile – all without exposing the enquirer to the lengthy off-putting process of visiting your site and browsing the menus for what they want.

Who says SMS messaging is dead?!

2. Price extensions

The use of price extensions in AdWords is a popular one. What better way of putting your business in the shop window there is than literally having your offers listed as the first thing people see when running a relevant search on Google?

The function works by displaying a list of selected product prices below your advert in a string of boxes. But the potential of this feature is much bigger than that.

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Price extensions require prices listed, which enables the advertising of products, but it can be extended to anything sort of advertising that involves pricing. One innovative member of LinkedIn started using the feature as a way of advertising job opportunities at his recruitment agency, while others used it to display service costs and consumer items.

This enables the extension to be used well beyond the confines of product sellers. If you’re a company that wants to promote your expertise, you can list conference prices with the feature. If you’re a venue that’s hosting an artist, you can sell tickets for it. If you have anything to promote that involves monetary values, look no further than doing so via the AdWords price extension. You can also use $0 in your price extensions if your service/product is free.

4. Automated rating report

Humans are very social creatures, so it’s no surprise that they enjoy hearing second opinions when it comes to deciding on the websites that they use.

Star reviews are a fantastic way of promoting customer satisfaction with your business, but these are out of your control, so it’s worth getting creative with how you utilize your accreditations.

Of course, if you’ve been accredited or have received any awards from a recognized body then don’t hesitate in featuring them on your AdWords selection, but there are other impressive feats to include that will benefit your business too.

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The convenience here is that you’re allowed by Google to paraphrase your review in the dedicated line, which enables creative flair. For example, if you’ve been referenced by a large organization in a positive light, then add it in. Whereas if you’ve been included in a ‘top 100’ or ‘top 500’ list of businesses, then this is an ideal way of blowing your trumpet in a way that everyone sees.

But be warned, all submitted review extensions are subject to Google approval, so avoid fabricating your recommendations.

On a side note, it’s important to use markup and schema on your landing page.

4. Image extensions

An image extension brings eye-grabbing color to your advert in a way that stands out from the typical blank background and blue hyperlinked foreground.

There’s an informative way to use image extensions and a creative way to do it. Never use inaccurate images of a product that you’re selling – that’s an avenue that will always lead to a poor rating extension, you know, because of the inevitable poor ratings.

If you’re selling a product, make the AdWords image vibrant, and different to the typical white background we’re used to seeing on Google – choose featured products that are bright, different, and engaging.

Even if you’re an SEO company that has no notably relevant images to display of products or locations – if you have a logo-laden mural in the office, use that to attract attention. Even featuring an alluring image of the town where you’re based can engage visitors into making that all-important click onto your site.

5. Call out extension

Call out extensions have long been a popular part of AdWords, and one of the longest-serving facets of the feature. But did you know you can maximize your potential for attracting customers from it beyond the generic message that you always use?

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Savvy business owners have identified the potential to rotate your call out message based on the time and day that they’re displayed. This turns the extension from a generic, static status into an immersive and dynamic targeted invitation to potential visitors.

This allows you to add time-specific notes to your advert. If you’re a business that boasts a good delivery setup, you’re able to set a call out on Mondays that read ‘Order now to get your product by Wednesday afternoon.’

If you’re a business that holds public events or daily offers, then you can arrange a call out that says ‘Book tickets for 90s Disco Tuesdays now’ or ‘2-for-1 on photo frames every Thursday.’

The simple act of making your call out dynamic can really give it a new lease of life that significantly improves conversions for your business.

Article source: https://thefrisky.com/5-creative-ways-to-use-google-adwords-ad-extension/

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