7 Signs Your SEO Strategy Is Not Sustainable


7 Signs Your SEO Strategy Is Not Sustainable

Search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns need to be results-driven, manageable, and cost-effective, and it makes intuitive sense—after all, these qualities should realistically apply to any marketing campaign. However, your SEO campaign needs one extra ingredient if it’s going to succeed—sustainability.

Why sustainability?

Sustainability here refers to the capacity for your strategies to continue working over an extended period of time—we’re talking years. Why is this important?

SEO requires many things to be successful, but two of its most important needs are time and consistency. It needs time because it often takes months, sometimes longer, to build authority, and every action you take builds upon your previous efforts; SEO return on investment (ROI) has high potential because of those compounding benefits. It needs consistency because without that consistency, you’ll have an incredibly difficult time interpreting or replicating your results.

Sustainability is a way to achieve better consistency over time, securing both necessary ingredients for a successful campaign.

Signs of Non-Sustainable SEO

So how can you tell if your SEO campaign is sustainable? It’s actually easier to look for signs that it’s not sustainable:

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