7 Trending WordPress Ecommerce Themes of 2017


Finding Ecommerce Themes

As the internet and the number of commercial operations taking place within it grow, so does WordPress. An easy-to-use tool for creating your website, whether it be a blog on politics or an online candle shop, it offers an array of options to choose from.

Customization is a defining feature of WordPress, offering you the possibility to design the interface of your website yourself or to choose from a number of free or paid ecommerce themes. Readily usable for a multitude of purposes, these themes serve as the basis of countless online businesses that have reached success.

The first thing that most customers do when they wish to purchase a product is search for it (or for the outlet that sells it) online. A user-friendly website may convince them to linger on the page and buy even more, while a slow and disorganized one will turn them away from your business altogether. On-page user experience can thus mean the difference between profit and bankruptcy.

Choosing a responsive and attractive ecommerce theme that fits your online business is therefore a matter of the utmost importance. Here are seven excellent ecommerce WordPress themes which are trending in 2017.


Jevelin Theme

Still new to the WordPress theme market, Jevelin is specifically designed as an ecommerce theme. Compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, it allows you to turn your website into a professional online store. Although it already offers a standard version, Jevelin also allows customization. This way, you can leave the little things to the plugin while you focus on the design of the major features.

Rich in store layouts for your page and attractive product showcasing, Jevelin is an obvious choice when it comes to designing an ecommerce page. Easy to modify in order to fit the seller’s preferences and product type, this WordPress theme will certainly appeal more to corporate customers looking for a professional look.


Atelier Theme

As both customers and the online sellers can attest, the forte of the Atelier theme is its excellent customer support features. With an incorporated user forum, you can easily and directly receive feedback from the visitors perusing your website. Coupled with a few friendly technicians eager to help, this system ensures that the customers will return to your website and retain an overall good impression of it.

Moreover, Atelier offers endless options regarding customization, allowing the customer to browse your store with great flexibility. Intuitive and simple in design, this WordPress ecommerce theme allows you to grasp its possibilities immediately and to ask for expert aid whenever you’re in trouble. Few themes are as effective and practical as Atelier.


Scalia Theme

Scalia is a multi-purpose, multi-concept WordPress theme. This trendy and sharp look is ideal for corporations, personal portfolios or even blogs.

Borderline flashy, Scalia focuses its attention on visual presentation. Eye-catching and glossy, it attracts the customer like a moth to the flame. It includes impressive slideshows, galleries, news feeds, company profiles and product showcases.
In terms of SEO, Scalia is easy to set up and ready for optimization. In this way, it couples an attractive packaging for your website with an enhanced user experience and high organic traffic, making it a great choice as an ecommerce theme. If a customer visits a website using Scalia, chances are they will remember the pleasant shapes and relaxing color it uses to enhance accessibility and time spent on the page.


Shopkeeper Theme

In the 2.0 version, which is compatible with the WooCommerce 3.0 plugin, the Shopkeeper theme comes with a wide variety of layouts and features. Moreover, it is able to support YouTube video items in galleries, and frames displayed products with the help of zooming and lightbox techniques.

Sold by one of the top ThemeForest sellers, Shopkeeper is regularly updated and documented in order to ensure efficiency and simplicity. Quick to set up, easy to maintain and easy to customize even without coding, this WordPress theme is on the path to becoming one of the user favorites.

Rich in headlines and easy to pick up and learn due to its use of the drag and drop method familiar to users, Shopkeeper is the definition of a user-friendly theme. It goes beyond the typical basic needs of an ecommerce theme, combining functionality with the quirky style of a blog and the professional feel of a portfolio. Any daring startup or small business looking to make a name for itself should consider Shopkeeper for constructing its online storefront.



Functionality and the ready-to-use features make up the bread and butter of the BeTheme. With more than 250 pre-built website layouts on offer, this WordPress theme has been the choice of many businesses around the world. When it comes to online presence, BeTheme has an unparalleled feature availability.

Moreover, this multi-site theme allows you to create separate sites with the same theme, for purposes that could not be more different from one another, with just a few clicks. Aside from the ready-made layouts, BeTheme is fully customizable, with a shortcode generator and a powerful admin panel that helps you organize your page according to your needs and preferences.

Other features incorporated in BeTheme are:

  • A powerful search tool used to navigate the site
  • Optimization for loading speed and for search engines
  • Compatibility with plugins like WooCommerce, bbPress, Yoast and others
  • A maintenance mode that can be utilized until the site is ready to go.


Flatsome Theme

Flatsome is another WordPress theme that offers amazing user experience without needing any coding. Simple and elegant, it has quickly reached the top ranks of the WordPress theme markets.

With Flatsome’s Live Page Builder and impressive element library, building a page becomes easy, even for beginners. Layout and slide effects, banners and backgrounds are easily set and changed in an instant, without having to go into a maintenance mode. The same goes for any customization you might want to bring to your page, thanks to the Live Theme Options panel.

Flatsome’s quality design has made it one of WooCommerce’s top selling themes. It’s SEO friendly, and responsiveness is not a problem for Flatsome, as it is entirely desktop and mobile-friendly and kept constantly up to date with any software improvements required. With its quick loading and the impressive quality of its features, Flatsome should definitely be on anyone’s list of best WordPress ecommerce themes.


The Polaris theme is perfect for high-end shops as it exudes professionalism and has the serious appearance fit for a top retailer. Able to support a wide variety of content, this theme is however especially made for ecommerce.

Online shops, storefronts and sites aiming to attract buyers in the online environment have thus found their perfect tool in the Polaris WordPress theme. Simple yet rich in features, Polaris comes with a responsive slider meant for custom sale tags, switchable collections, hover effects, QuickShop functions, Google Maps directs to your shops, intuitive product filters and ingenious newsletter popups.

Powered by a jQuery framework and enhanced by CSS3 effects and animation, the Polaris theme adds quality to your online presence and gives your shop a brand-name look for an affordable price. The return it provides is well worth the initial investment.


Today, ecommerce has become an essential part of running a business. These seven trending WordPress ecommerce themes all provide unique features suited to constructing your online storefront. They are the ship in which your products navigate the competitive seas of the growing ecommerce industry. The more performant the ship, the more successful and profitable your business.

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