AdWords Introduces New Editor Version to Make Setting Up Campaigns Easier

It has been almost three years, but Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has finally released Version 12 of the Adwords Editor. Number 12 will, according to the company, simplify the management of your campaigns with new rules and tools.

Just in case you don’t know what AdWords Editor is, it manages large Adwords accounts. The free app lets you download your campaigns, make changes with editing tools and upload them to Adwords. You can work offline without having to worry about an Internet connection.

The new changes improve on version 11 with a range of features designed to address everything from the UI to scalability, faster downloads, and more. While Version 11 was released in December of 2014, there have been periodic updates all the way up to Version 11.8.

Inside Adwords Editor 12

Here is what is new in Version 12: 

Custom rules

You can now create and edit custom rules. The set of built-in rules can now be edited to address the specific needs of your campaign. If the rules are not useful, you can pause them in bulk or individually.

If there are any violations of the best practices before changes are posted, you will receive a notification. The notifications can appear as errors or warnings.

Faster Version Downloads

If you are using version 11, when you download number 12 you will be able to migrate more of your data faster.

Maximum Conversions Bidding

Maximize Conversions automatically set bids so you can get the most bang out of your ad spend. Using advanced machine learning, this feature customizes bids for each auction by optimizing bids and auction-time bidding capabilities. The new version provides full support for the Maximum Conversions bid strategy.

Creation and Editing of Universal App Campaigns

You can now include up to 20 videos and 20 images for universal app campaigns. The apps can then be promoted within other apps and mobile websites on the Display Network, as well as Google Search, Play, and YouTube.

New Optional Fields for Responsive Ads

With Version 12 of Google Adwords Editor, several optional fields have been added to make ads more responsive. The ads automatically adjust to fit the available ad space on different sites. So a native banner and dynamic text ads will be adjusted accordingly. Adjustable ads include the “4:1 logo,” “Price prefix,” “Promotion text,” and “Call to action text.”

The feature could save you time and money, especially for multiple campaigns.

New Design

Version 12 features a new design with easier navigation and a cohesive visual experience across other Google products, including a new AdWords experience.

AdWords Editor is a free solution small businesses can use to manage their campaigns. Version 12 provides new features to simplify the platform with automated tools and support from Google.

You can download the new version here.

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