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Just when I thought life was going smoothly, I got hit with a wrench in my spokes! They are moving my blog and everyone else’s to a new site called WordPress. How it works with the NDN site, I have no idea. Do I have any idea what to do on the site? Heck no! Will I be forever lost in the Naples Daily News? I think so. 🙁 Total bummer!

That’s why I have not been blogging lately. I have just begun to copy and paste my old blogs to my Google Blogger account. Otherwise, starting on July 7th, all of my old blog links to NDN will no longer work. They will just disappear into blog heaven! Lol!

So for any past blogs, and trust me, I have just started to copy and paste, you can find some here at;

The new WordPress site will be;

I have gone back as far as 2010 and plan to keep ones most important. Well, really, they are all important, but it will take me forever to transfer the hundreds I wrote. I chose Blogger on Google because not only is it FREE, but I also do not see Google going away anytime soon. So if you are looking for any specific blogs I wrote in the past, you will need to go there. Otherwise, NDN said they will only take my last 5 and transfer to my new site.

Actually, ya know, maybe this is a good thing. Maybe anyone can sign up under WordPress for free and be able to comment. Wouldn’t that be great! Not having anyone able to comment anymore on NDN site has really been a bummer for all of us. We love to chat with our readers and hear their thoughts too.

Either way, just be prepared for my blogs to be there or somewhere. I am sure you will find them through NDN. I think…I hope…I pray…

And remember, Vote Annette Kniola-Fire Commissioner, seat 3!

You are going to have to get used to my campaign for the next 5 months now that I have an opponent. Also, vote Chris Crossan for seat 1! He’s been a Big Corkscrew Island Fire Commissioner for 8 years strong and does a great job. We just found out he has an opponent as well. Vote Crossan/Kniola- 2014!

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