Apple News WordPress plug-in receives update

The update brings the plug-in up to version 1.1.6, fixes a bug with automatically publishing scheduled posts, displays meta box even on draft post, and adds image settings

The WordPress plug-in for Apple News, used by publishers to push their content to the Apple app, was updated today to version 1.1.6. The plug-in has come a long way, and at least from this user’s perspective, has become pretty reliable.

iPhone-AN-360Here are the details for this update:

  • Fixed a bug with automatically publishing scheduled posts (thanks, smerriman!).
  • Apple News meta box is now displayed by default on posts.
  • Displaying the Apple News meta box even on draft posts to allow saving settings before publish.
  • Updated minimum PHP version to 5.3.6 due to usage of DOMDocument::saveHTML.
  • Fixed invalid formatting for plugin author name and plugin URI.
  • isPreview=false is no longer sent passively to the API. Only isPreview=true is sent when explicitly specified.
  • Fixed an issue where author names with hashtags were breaking the byline format.
  • Added image settings, bundled images (if applicable) and JSON to the debug email.
  • Checking for blank body nodes early enough to remove and log them as component errors.
  • Retrieving and displaying more descriptive error messages from the API response.

TNM Digital Media LLC publishes two sites to Apple News: Talking New Media, which generates fairly modest readership through the app, and, which sometimes enjoys fairly impressive readership though the app.

Since Apple News is iPhone-only, it is hard to see that a B2B website like TNM would generate much traffic on the app. By far most TNM readers access this site via PCs during working hours., on the other hand, is a tad more consumer, and so generates pretty good readership via mobile, and via the Apple News app. In fact, its issue is the opposite of TNM, attempting to break through the clutter of Google News sites covering politics (PoliMedia covers the intersection of politics and the media, and so is both consumer and professional in nature.)

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