Are AOL and Yahoo set for a merger?

Executives from Yahoo and AOL are reportedly involved in preliminary talks concerning a possible merger. The news comes just days after Yahoo’s boss Carol Bartz was surprisingly let go.

AOL and Yahoo were both dominant online names in the late 90′s and early 2000′s. But both have arguably suffered a dip in fortunes since then, and while AOL secured a small boost with its recent acquisition of The Huffington Post, both it and AOL have had trouble defining their positions in an online landscape that is increasingly dominated by the likes of Google and Facebook.

It’s unclear, though, what a merger would really achieve. It would not automatically give them vision or potential, it would just make one big company with little definition as opposed to two smaller ones. What Yahoo and AOL need – separately – is someone in control who has real vision for where these two former behemoths need to be headed.


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