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Q: Can I still profit from Google?

A: Google makes big money selling your personal information. But you can make money off Google, too.

Investors who have endured the company’s lagging stock performance and worse-than-expected results were rewarded Friday. A huge stock rally created roughly $50 billion in paper wealth – the biggest one-day wealth creation by a stock in history, says Howard Silverblatt of SP Dow Jones Indices.

The promise Google still start to pay closer attention to the bottom line – by controlling moonshots and spending – is getting investors back on board. Analysts on average think the stock could be worth $716.43 a share in 18 months, says SP Capital IQ. That would mean the stock, which jumped roughly 15% Friday to $695, could still have 3% upside. But analysts are still upgrading their views giving the company’s renewed emphasis on cost controls. Colin Sebastian, analyst at Robert W. Baird, has a $720 a share price target on the stock. Some are even more bullish. Saying Google is entering a “dawn of a new era,” Ross Sandler at Deutsche Bank says Google could be worth $780 a share. Don’t let the enthusiasm blind you to the risks, though. Google continues to struggle with social media, which is quickly taking over legacy search and mobile is less profitable.

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