BrightLocal Opens Its 2015 Local SEO Industry Survey

UK-based local search platform BrightLocal has opened its annual local SEO Industry survey, asking local SEO consultants and agency professionals to complete its 21-question poll.

This is the fourth year for the survey. BrightLocal says responses will be kept anonymous and confidential, with findings to be published later this month. All participants will be entered into a drawing for an Apple or Android Watch.

We hope to find out about life “on the ground” for those working in local, and to share the findings with the wider industry, in order to gain insight improve knowledge.


According to BrightLocal, its annual survey offers a chance for SEO agencies and consultants to compare their services and fees to those of other agencies. Local SEO professionals can take the 2015 BrightLocal survey on its website: Local SEO Industry Survey 2015.

You can read more about BrightLocal’s 2014 survey findings here: Understanding Sales, Conversion Revenue For Local SEO Agencies.

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