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WASHINGTON, Aug. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ – Clutch, a B2B research, ratings, and reviews platform, released its first report highlighting the best SEO and PPC companies across a variety of industries – automotive, dental, e-commerce, real estate, legal, and more.

The companies were evaluated and ranked based on quantitative and qualitative criteria to clients, market presence, client feedback, and focus in different industries, service areas, and business types.

Top PPC Agencies for the Following Industries:

Automotive: SCUBE Marketing, Directive Consulting,1SEO IT Digital Marketing, OptFirst Internet Marketing, Adster Creative, BFO (Be Found Online), Silverback Strategies, HigherVisibility, The Status Bureau, Hedges Company, Gustin Quon, Search Marketing Group, Advantix Digital, Digital Success, Digital Current

Dental: Welby Consulting, Adster Creative, Mediaforce Digital Marketing Agency, BigWing, Gustin Quon, Direction, Inc., Web Reputation Builders, Adeo Group, Max Effect Marketing, ADK Group, Search Berg, ePursue, SEO Expert Consultant – Rahul, SearchLab, Rank Secure

E-Commerce: Hanapin Marketing, PBJ Marketing, Welby Consulting, eBoost Consulting, Silverback Strategies, Hop Online, BERK Labs, LLC, WebiMax, Effective Spend, WEBITMD, adCookie, BigWing, Gustin Quon, Coalition Technologies, Kontra

Real Estate: Welby Consulting, eBoost Consulting, OptFirst Internet Marketing, White Shark Media, Chatter Buzz Media, Full Media, 97 Switch, adCookie, Black Bear Design, Digital Success, SullivanPerkins, Digital Current, Adit,, Basso Design Group

Top SEO Companies for the Following Industries:

Automotive: Directive Consulting, SEO Brand, HigherVisibility, Digital Current, Gustin Quon, BFO (Be Found Online), Mannix Marketing, Adster Creative, 1SEO IT Digital Marketing, OptFirst Internet Marketing, OuterBox, Nova Solutions, LLT Group, Silverback Strategies, Premium SEO Agency Consultancy

Dental:Gustin Quon, Adster Creative, Web Reputation Builders, BigWing, Elsner Technologies Pvt Ltd, Search Berg, Mediaforce Digital Marketing Agency, Direction, Inc., Rank Secure, SearchLab, ADK Group, ePursue, Max Effect Marketing, SEO Expert Consultant – Rahul

E-Commerce: Coalition Technologies, Techmagnate, Gustin Quon, newApps Agency, Bliss Drive, W3 Affinity, PBJ Marketing, Silverback Strategies, Taktical, WebiMax, Premium SEO Agency Consultancy, Apexia Agency, Convertiv, Northwest Media Collective Inc., Wojo Design

Financial Services: WebFX, HigherVisibility, Coalition Technologies, 180Fusion, Digital Current, BFO (Be Found Online), Adster Creative, SEOP, Ignite Digital, Lead to Conversion, OptFirst Internet Marketing, Arc Intermedia, Nova Solutions, Art Science Digital Experience Design Inc., LLT Group

Healthcare: WebFX, Directive Consulting, SEO Brand, Infront Webworks, HigherVisibility, Coalition Technologies, Odyssey New Media, Digital Current, BFO (Be Found Online), Adster Creative, Ignite Digital,, WebMechanix, Cardinal Digital Marketing, Noble Studios

Hospitality: HigherVisibility, 180Fusion, IndeedSeo, Digital Current, BFO (Be Found Online), Mannix Marketing, SEOP, 1SEO IT Digital Marketing, Cardinal Digital Marketing, Noble Studios, 97 Switch, WebiMax, Avalaunch Media, Black Bear Design, SERPCOM LLC

Legal: WebFX, Digital Third Coast Internet Marketing, HigherVisibility, Odyssey New Media, Gustin Quon, Mannix Marketing, Adster Creative, Cynexis Media, Lead to Conversion, OptFirst Internet Marketing, Foster Web Marketing, Scorpion, Authority Solutions LLC, My Favorite Web Designs, SERPCOM LLC

Nonprofit: Directive Consulting, SEO Brand, BFO (Be Found Online), Cynexis Media, Act Bold Media Group, Noble Studios, Art Science Digital Experience Design Inc., Cheeky Monkey Media Inc., PBJ Marketing, Silverback Strategies, Art Science Digital Experience Design Inc., Black Bear Design, RustyBrick, Liqui-Site, Hero Digital

Real Estate: IndeedSeo, Digital Current, Mannix Marketing,, OptFirst Internet Marketing, 97 Switch, Active Web Group, Authority Solutions LLC, Premium SEO Agency Consultancy, Black Bear Design, Adit, Full Media, Digital Success, Pixelcarve Inc., Mentus

Top SEO Companies by Business Size

SEO Consultants: Ignite Visibility, Directive Consulting, WebFX, Straight North,, Bruce Clay, Inc., The SEO Works, Searchbloom, HigherVisibility, 180Fusion, Indexsy, Northcutt, Vizion Interactive, SEO Inc., Ignite Digital

Small Business SEO: Boostability, Straight North, Thrive Internet Marketing Agency, Digital Third Coast Internet Marketing,, Northcutt, Comrade Web Agency, Yando Consulting, 1SEO IT Digital Marketing, 180Fusion,, Nova Solutions, Adster Creative, DAGMAR Marketing, One Egg

Local SEO: Directive Consulting, Ignite Visibility, Boostability, SEO Brand, Thrive Internet Marketing Agency, 180Fusion, Be Locally SEO, Mannix Marketing, 411 Locals, Local SEO Search Inc., DAGMAR Marketing, Lead to Conversion, 1 Source Media Group, OptFirst Internet Marketing, SEO Discovery

Freelance SEO: Akash Srivastava, Kern Media, Boston SEO Services, Andy Kuiper – SEO Services, Mr. Technique, Inc., Ready Steady Go SEO, JH Consulting, Inc., Kanoobi Media, Rank Secure,, Cam Myers Marketing, Inc., Made By Wing, Goldenboy Media, Creaa Designs, The Source Approach

Enterprise SEO: WebFX, Directive Consulting, SEO Brand, Victorious, Searchbloom, 180Fusion, SEO Inc., SEO Services New York, Techmagnate, BFO (Be Found Online), SEOP, Cardinal Digital Marketing, Noble Studios, Lead to Conversion, LLT Group

“In an increasingly digital world, SEO and PPC are critical tools to elevate your brand’s online visibility and reach a wider target audience than traditional advertising permits,” said Sara Philibotte, business analyst at Clutch. “We compiled a carefully vetted list of top SEO and PPC agencies informed by market research and in-depth client reviews. If you’re searching for a partner to help you drive sales, we recommend selecting from these teams with demonstrated success and verified expertise.”

Although it’s free to be listed on Clutch, only the top companies in each industry are recognized as leaders. Clutch’s research is ongoing with new companies and reviews added daily. For an opportunity to be featured as one of Clutch’s 2019 Leaders, apply now. It’s a simple, two-step process that takes less than 20 minutes.

These results are a snapshot of Clutch’s Leaders Matrices on August 1, 2018. Rankings may change daily and currently may not be reflected on Clutch’s website.

Full research:

About Clutch
A B2B research, ratings, and reviews company in the heart of Washington, D.C., Clutch connects small and medium businesses with the best-fit agencies, software, or consultants they need to tackle business challenges together and with confidence. Clutch’s methodology compares business service providers and software in a specific market based on verified client reviews, services offered, work quality, and market presences.

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